Lean lamb

Submitted by enr on 24 Aug 2010
600-700 g lamb
1 full tsp paprika
1 tsp garlic flour, turmeric, dried mint, dry lovage
salt, pepper
5-6 cubes of butter, the size of a hazelnut
4-5 tbsp sunflower oil
Lean lamb
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The meat is washed. 5-6 incisions are made and put them in the butter. The remaining seasoning were mixed and thereto was rubbed meat. Place in pan on a wire rack. Pour 250-300 ml water. Wind up with foil. Bake at 120C overnight. * I Paiute 7:00. * The meat becomes very tender. * Suitable side dish - rice.
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24 Aug 2010


Ivalina to still loaded with unsettling inspiration of beautiful pictures and irresistible recipes. Diets go to the movies in this delicious drumstick.

Very nice method, bravo!

Thank you girls. My husband said it was the most delicious lamb :) I've rules.

as soon as possible, as I find lamb will try this delicious recipe :)

Ivalina, I stopped in your recipe for tomorrow's celebration. I think it a try! I want to ask the meat portions you cut? I will use ready seasoning for lamb! So all night 120p?

Desi, I'm sorry I have not responded in time: (To all night 120, maybe with a fan. I roast a whole or as can fit in my oven baking pan. I am sure and do it will be very very tasty.

Ive became superb. Peko it six hours of 120p, fanless, cut into portions! And to us and our guests liked very much! Now you will do in the future. Thank you for shared recipe.

Desi very glad that you liked the recipe. Thank you for your trust ... and your photos are very attractive.

Desi ready seasoning for lamb you put or spices from the recipe? And can you put the meat directly in the baking pan without grate, because I do not know and put a little water or put your meat?

Petya, I answer you, because I do lamb at least twice a week. When the lid, the meat does not need a lot of liquid, pieces about 5x5 cm put water is deep about 1 cm without lattice. The smaller the pieces, the less water, the shorter the time. Spices put whatever they like, I do all kinds of lamb with spices - but not all at once) For the described method is good to let the meat piece to put his water about 1, 5-2 cm and wrap it tightly, not evaporate the water and to circulate around the meat. Finally, unscrew it to seal (and maybe was flushed and in the film), and water, if left one to poizpari. Good luck and good appetite :)

Thank you. Will prepare on Saturday for the assembly of the village, hopefully get better and like it. I will share.

Petq36, Aliana gave you a very comprehensive answer. Grandmother of the village instead of putting grill sticks of vine or Chernik / pre-washed /.

It was great, tender and juicy. All very liked. Thanks for the recipe.

I am very glad that you liked the recipe.

I made lamb in this recipe except green spices (at the insistence of my son), it Paiute 7:00 and the result is a great-mestse crumble :). Blagodarskoo :)