Lutenitsa Horo

Submitted by enr on 10 Sep 2009
3 kg tomatoes
3 kg red peppers
200 ml sunflower oil
200 ml vinegar on 6%
150 g sugar
60 g salt
pepper, cumin
Lutenitsa Horo
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Clean the peppers from the stems and seeds, roast them and grind them with machine for meat. Tomatoes peel, grind them and cook them mashed, until thickened. Add minced meat red peppers, the oil, sugar, vinegar and salt and cook until the mixture remain fat. Before chutney remove from heat add the cumin and black pepper. Poured into jars and sterilize 10 minutes.
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10 Sep 2009


I loved the recipe. Thanks for share it with us. We'll try!

Kami straight-As you ate it :) I make it in for the first time and really like chutney *Horo*

This year for the first time right time will make chutney. And this recipe really is easy to see, and I will try. Thanks for share it with us.

I tried your recipe chutney. I dare say that it has become a nice-like at all. I must say, however, that not put vinegar. Do chutney for the youngest members of our family of 1, 5 and 3, 5 years and I felt that it is better while you turn aside this 200mililitra fluid is live extravagance. Please share your thoughts on the issue of vinegar.

recipe is excellent. Hands without doubt. I do not have saved vinegar and not sorry. Thank flowers that share it with us.

Very tasty obtained. I'll do with it each year.

I want to ask the author of the recipe how many jars are filled with these quantities pradukti I will first make chutney and wonder to you Negi products must increase

This recipe was doing all afternoon. Talk about a triple dose. However, it is worth - was very nice. To me is justifiably salt, but may itself be salt. I put vinegar, but less quantity.

This is the easiest and most delicious recipe for chutney!

Thank you for this recipe. Became great, a double dose products came in 10 jars of 300 g.

Today I made it and I loved it. Thanks for this recipe.

I put a little baked eggplant and 2-3zrantsa allspice and a few cloves of garlic and puree everything uvri. As it bought.

Last year I did this again yapravya great recipe

did little as a single meal. Children licking his fingers and said a tasty chutney did not eat :)