Chicken in pancake

Submitted by enr on 18 Nov 2008
6 ready pancakes
1 chicken fillet cooked
200 g mushrooms
250 g butter
3-4 pickles
200 g cheese
1 cup milk
2 tbsp flour
50 g butter
Chicken in pancake
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Sliced ​​mushrooms smothered in butter. pickles cut into cubes, grated cheese chicken cut. Make a béchamel sauce - heat butter, add flour and lightly fry, pour the milk and stir until thickened. As thickened is removed from the fire. All products with the sauce mix leaving little cheese for sprinkling. At the end of the pancake put the mixture, roll or turn in an envelope and put in a pan greased with butter. Arrange all, sprinkle with cheese and baked slightly.
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18 Nov 2008


recipe is great, bravo!

The recipe is very seductive! As soon will try!

Bubi, very nice pictures. You can tell that arrangement makes specialist bravo! The recipe is also quite interesting.

I would not say that students in 12th grade are specialists :) However, thanks a lot!

That in 12th grade does not mean that you have no talent. Cooking is also an art.

Very interesting recipe, bravo! Silkworms, with joy and look will try to make her happy and her family!

My favorite savory pancakes! Try them, you will not regret it!

poэdravlenia of Borislav, this fear is a favorite dish

next month will have a very important and beloved guest. This will be great appetizer. BRAVO.

Here is a photo of delicious appetizer ... All love them.

This is delicious!

Well absorbed my recipe repeatedly tried just that and pancakes I prepare them!

It sounds easy and delicious. I prefer to make my pancakes ready because these are amazing. :)

It was very good, but added a little salt and pepper, mushrooms and bechamel. I have prepared it with these Палачинки .

Tonight I prepared this recipe for my family. Can lead starter, but as dinner get super. Put in favorites. Next time we will prepare it with homemade pancakes. Due to lack of time today, I used store-ready. The result was delicious.

gorgeous recipe