Crunchy pickles, ready for consumption after 3 days

Submitted by enr on 03 Oct 2013
red fleshy peppers or bell peppers
large head cauliflower
cabbage 1
green tomatoes
gherkins (small)
celery - head, stems, leaves
solid black grapes
# Marino bidonche 10 l:
3.7 liters of water
1.1 l 6% vinegar
500 g sugar
200 g salt
pepper and allspice
Crunchy pickles, ready for consumption after 3 days
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First I will say that the type and quantity of vegetables is depending on your taste, you can safely skip the ones you do not like. peppers, cabbage and green tomatoes cut into large chunks and carrots, celery and head stathe base - rectangles, measuring about 1 to 3.4 cm. Tear cauliflower florets, and all other vegetables and grapes put purposes. All products are well mixed and placed in the court in which will be stored by pressing to fit nice. For the marinade: In a large saucepan boil water and vinegar, put it peppercorns and allspice. The sugar and salt are added after the warm liquid. Marinade, stirring continuously to avoid Zagora sugar and salt. When you boil the marinade well, pour over hot vegetables in the bucket. Court closes well and leave in a cool place. Pickle is ready for consumption after 3 days.
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03 Oct 2013


Very nice recipe for pickle ... My mother once made such ... Incredibly delicious rose and made a second dose ... Thanks

I am glad that you Harras recipe. And I filled drums on Saturday :) In view of the warm weather, I can *cross* pickles with potassium sorbate in a few days. The dose is 0, 5 g. Per liter of liquid or 5 g. For this recipe. Potassium sorbate is placed in a bowl and blurs well with some of the marinade, then returned to the court with pickles.

And I made pickles in drums and now wait to make it tasty, wait results and I will write

It seems very easy, I love easy recipes, but I have no idea how to prepare vegetables will only use bell peppers, cauliflower and carrots hopefully get.

pickle is easy and prevэzhodna even upload a photo.

I forgot to tell you that I made pickles and very well received. Really can be eaten in three days. I filled three three-liter jar because I have a large pot, pour the marinade given amount. Now getting enough the last portion. The next year a double dose. :)

Can anybody tell me where buy potassium sorbate and that changes the taste of pickles since put? Thanks in advance!

Today I opened the jar to put 10 days ago on this recipe, I loved it. Green tomatoes have become super - I put them goals, they were very small, cherry variety. Again will do next year. :) Thanks for the recipe.