Lilies of marzipan

Submitted by enr on 08 Aug 2009
20 g gelatin
12 tbsp cold water
1 tsp lemon juice
about 1 kg of powdered sugar
fragrance of your choice
green, yellow and orange paint confectionery
Lilies of marzipan
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Gelatin is soak in water. Dissolved in a water bath and add lemon juice. Blended into a soft elastic dough with powdered sugar. Place in a plastic bag and allow to rest 30 minutes in the cold. Lily we need a rolling pin, thin brush, small sticks and cutter, if we do not do such a template with the desired size of the leaves. Marzipan is rolled, as sprinkled with starch. Cut sheets. With small sticks are rolled edges to become curly. Place convex surface (eg bottle) to acquire form and dried overnight. Then take a small ball of marzipan and it pinned onto checkered 6 leaves. On toothpick is made with little marzipan pistil, which pins in the middle. Again with sticks made stamens, but marzipan must be orange. With pastry paint dorisuva lily. It was a blooming lily, and now poluraztvorenite bud. Take a piece of marzipan and makes a fitilche. Around him are glued three petals. Pistil and stamens are made in the same way. Closed bud is made by taking a piece of marzipan and using a sharp knife, make furrows (grooves). Painted in pale green. The green leaves are made of green marzipan. These flowers are used to decorate cakes and other desserts.
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08 Aug 2009
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great! Except this is not marzipan and fondant. But the workmanship is very fine!

and are not lilies and lilies!

Yes, you are lilies and fondant.

What a beauty ... :)

Very beautiful, and figure is timely. Detailed, thank you.

are very beautiful and original, thought to try my birthday soon if received shte himself very shtastliva

Everything is great except that powdered sugar is not 500-600gr and this gelatin diluted with water takes about one kilogram. puidra sugar to make dough correct dose

Today I tried this dough. Angacheva straight powdered sugar is about 1 kg. It is very soft, but after making the relevant figure should not be touched because they care. I'll put a picture.

Obviously the amount of sugar in the recipe is not quite right, change it.

Nevi, why not remove this Marzipan title, it is clear that not marzipan? On gelatin - 1 kg of powdered sugar I use 1 packet of 9d (here is such a cut). Perhaps the amount of gelatin spoils dough, making it a multi it soft?

Maybe it was my fault, but the cake that I made with figurines, a recipe for flowers? After modeling the parts I was very, very difficult to weld. I did sample a few flowers and withered very well. To me not sticky dough used starch. I think that need more explanations for this dough. Here are the promised pictures. And in addition, it only flowers!

Ive, dear, I'm not this mixture sample, but as a whole sugar has three different classes of mixtures (rather conditionally speaking): mixtures coating mixtures for modeling and mixtures of flowers (or leaves). Mixtures of coverage (in German they are told even Rollfondant, ie for rolling out fondant) Fund are highly moisture and elasticity. They rolled easily, not dry quickly, not bursting at the edges of the cake, but can not be rolled out very thin, because they are relatively sticky and torn. Mixtures of flowers (or leaves) are the opposite - they are hard, sticky priraztochvane almost do not need starch for dusting because they are compact and can be rolled almost to transparency. But with them must work fast because dry in minutes. Third, modeling mixture, most often prepared by mixing equal parts of the two already listed blends. It combines the qualities of both mixtures - elastic enough for making thicker pieces, but not so soft that the figures from settling its own weight. Drying for 1-2 days down to the core of FIGS. The flowers are produced sheet at that finally, when completely dry, glued with glue for this purpose. It is strong enough to hold fine, light petals. So that the mixture of flowers are expected just not sticky, but dries quickly. Often petals themselves more in their work involves inserting fine wires so that each sheet is a long wire as a handle, and then assembled as knit

Often petals themselves more in their work involves inserting fine wires so that each sheet is a long wire as a handle, and then assembled as knit crown - put it all petal where it is place and wires are twisted together. So the resulting stem is wrapped with a green flower crepe (I use samolepneshti). Many have written, I hope the information is useful :)

Yes it is helpful. I wanted to try all the test and judge which one to use and one to unsubscribe from favorites. I wish I could find the dough closest to what is available in specialized shops. I have ordered from there and work great.

in specialized stores sell many different types for a variety of purposes. Pay attention to what you buy and what is its composition. Maybe it will be easier to navigate. Good luck :)