March potato salad

Submitted by enr on 02 Mar 2010
1 kg boiled potatoes
3-4 tbsp chutney
150 g larded salami
3 tbsp sweet corn canned
200 g mayonnaise
salt, pepper
parsley (for decoration)
lemon juice
March potato salad
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Half of potatoes cut into cubes, add to the chopped salami, corn and chutney. Mix well and set aside. The other half is also cut potatoes, add the mayonnaise, lemon juice, salt and pepper, and stir. The salads are arranged (it a salad) according to taste and decorate with parsley.
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02 Mar 2010


appears in bednaga delicious favorites.

Mmm, I feel its taste. Great layout, Rosentseto, bravo! Teach me, please, and I do such delicious flowers of tselenchutsi, cheese, sausages, many like me!

Sladkishchentse have your potato peeler (possibly white possible - thin) other all do as you like.Of cheese also makes them - with their peeler cut out pieces of roses, only to say that to make cheese must be mild - example Vitosha.Nun one piece of roll, and the rest gather round him and pressuring itself roses below to not separate the different pieces.Oh, I do not know whether you will understand me, as I would be easy to have an idea you pokazha..ako write me PM and will understand :)

I made them separately in bowls. we like is roses mobyuzhah not do otherwise but the salad is super bravooo.

Rossi, thank you for your cooperation, its very nice. In addition to buy tools, materials and a ticket to Stara Zagora :).

in heart shape cakes can you do and then it just turned that hand'll not can handle

Yes, maybe so, no problem, then can only slightly to douformish if something had occurred, but I do not think there will be such a problem uspehcheta :) :)

carrots decoration should it be parboiled that crude is service under the chuppah strips and can not I do anything, it May did not quite understand, unless I can buy a ticket to Stara Zagora or you buy you Kyustendil

carrot'm not cooking, just got such a peeler that planed very thin.