Marinated chicken legs with processed cheese and mushrooms

Submitted by enr on 11 Dec 2008
5-6 chicken legs
250 g mushrooms
2 small onions
5 pieces processed cheese
parsley optional
# For the marinade:
red wine
2-3 cloves garlic
soy sauce
Marinated chicken legs with processed cheese and mushrooms
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Chicken washed and ranks in a deep bowl. Sprinkle with salt, pepper, olive oil, sliced ​​2 cloves garlic, wine and soy sauce. Leave for 6-7 hours. In the court of Jena glass rank stumps mushrooms. Put them on chicken legs, processed cheese, salt, pepper. Top rank caps of the mushrooms. Pour a little olive oil. Bake in moderate oven when the meat is ready sprinkle with chopped onion into crescents. Allow to finish cooking the lid 10 minutes and then for 10 minutes - with no cover. Subtracting can be sprinkled with chopped parsley.
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11 Dec 2008


Well done, very tasty recipe that will be.

Thank you. I've added pictures to the recipe, but surely will come tomorrow.

will be glad photo to wonderful dish, bravo!

It looks like a great very tasty and will try!

Super delicious meals! We are big fans of the chicken!

I am also a big supporter of poultry meat / pork prefer it over ...

I would add 500g mushrooms and melted Cheese 1 package (10 pieces).

may increase the dose if you want, but this depends on the size of your yen. My not so great.

I just made it and liked. Just added potatoes between stumps of mushrooms.

Even now I begin to do this delicatessen! Bravo!

Thanks for the recipe, poluchise very tasty. I sprinkled with a little cheese was very tasty.

Hello ladies :) I got a little silly question - until roast meat (before the onions), should be capped? Thank you in advance!

Yes, everything is prepared in yen voice with cover ...

I do not understand how the chicken is cut? How much should be soy sauce?

chicken legs only - not cut. Soy sauce is a taste, I would put red wine and soy sauce 2: 1, a quantity enough to cover the meat.