Mince peppers for winter

Submitted by enr on 13 Sep 2012
5 kg hips or other hot peppers
1 cup cloves garlic
700-800 ml vinegar
700-800 ml sunflower oil
1-2 dill links
Mince peppers for winter
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Chushletata bake on a hot stove, but not burned completely, just enough to soften and digest of machine . Garlic and dill also be ground. Add salt and vinegar. Everything is kneaded well. The oil is napicha of the stove and pour the mixture. Should crackle by pouring the oil. Distribute in jars. Not sterilized.
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13 Sep 2012


1 bottle of vinegar is how many milliliters? Do I need to refrigerate? As for winter guess lasts several months?

No need to refrigerate. Lasts 4-5 months. I store them in the basement. However, after opening the jar in the refrigerator. I've had cases where after a year are good and can be eaten. If you need to clarify milliliters of vinegar 700-800 ml.

and to supplement as soon as the mixture is flooded with hot oil to Transfer the jars.

What is that *petskat*?

Bake on a hot stove, but not burned completely, but just enough to soften. In our region is called *petskam pod*, i. E. Not anneal them and put them on the stove for a while.

I hope you understand me.

the same technology can you redo and sweet peppers and peel you from skin before grinding?

Peppers not peel. I have not tried with sweet peppers. I guess that will happen, but then you need to be sterilized or to put an aspirin.