Moist roll

Submitted by enr on 21 Aug 2010
4 eggs
12 tbsp sugar
4 tbsp milk or water
12 tbsp flour
10 g baking powder
# For the syrup:
1 cup water
1 cup sugar
1 vanilla
# filling and decoration:
powdered sugar
sweet of your choice
Moist roll
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Eggs and sugar is broken good, add milk, gradually add spoon by spoon of flour mixed with baking powder. Square shape (40x40 cm) is smeared with sunflower oil, cover with cooking paper and nice pressed to form, it can take from the oil, the mixture is poured and is well distributed. Bake at 180C for about 15 minutes depending on the oven, in a slightly golden. The syrup is prepared by mixing the products and put in the pot to boil, then cool. Finished base turns on a damp cloth and carefully removed the paper. The base is pricked with a fork and gently wet with syrup to make it juicier the base, coated with sweet and screwed with the cloth. Sprinkle with powdered sugar and allow to cool.
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21 Aug 2010


Classics of the genre!

I did it, ate and aplodismentiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. And will put my photos. Was with my sweet cherries.

to my classic, cheap, fast becomes easy and is not polsedno place tasty

Quick, easy and delicious. I did it with chocolate and crushed walnuts. Vkusotiiiika.

It is very nice this roll. Twice already do and rezulartat is amazing :). Thanks for the recipe!

And many of us liked. I did it with sweet orange

I do not syrupy-sweet syrup seemed sufficient. It was great, but next time I will try just as described! Thanks for the easy and quick recipe! Do Rupo for the first time and I am pleased that not disappointed ... :)

Quick, easy and delicious.

we like aplodismentiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.

of all the applause, all pictures are great

I did roll again, but this time with syrup (half dose) and really get a delicious! For those who hesitate whether to syrup - definitely! ;-)

and what is the size of the baking pan?

baking pan size does not matter, I do not know what threads in my size, it is universal for oven

swamps warm syrup you?

can warm you cold. I syrup warm with cold syrup

Can you tell the ceilings to not become too thin or thick swamps?

4040 is my baking pan

Hmmm, I do not get a roll :( But him as sladkish- Eat cake covered with jam and rolled. I used sweet orange, but because there was almost no flavor, I decided to reinforce and grated orange peel in swamps and less sweet, syrup and put in some circles of the fruit. Was very tasty and fragrant.

Iliana-1983, what was wrong? Aroma comes from vanilla in syrup and sweet, but not bad to add more :)

me roll my only occurs in swamps or other not become me, or I can not roll it up and break it apart or

Well baking pan May was malka- 40/27 cm. And approximately marshes poizdu in the middle. I leveled him with a bow for cutting cake, but gave up. As I saw his form, figured that he could be wound, but still moist, to soften and decided to try it, but breaking down. I returned it to the starting position and it spreads sweet. First roll and do not get. Is it really from the baking pan? A sweet nakakvo very crudely beshe- The Turkish and never smelled prtokal, and therefore doovkusyavah. Now is very very tasty and fragrant.