Oil * Cat biscuits tongue *

Submitted by enr on 13 Jan 2013
250 g butter
250 g of powdered sugar
3 eggs
600 g flour
1-2 vanilla
Oil * Cat biscuits tongue *
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Mix the butter with powdered sugar. Add to eggs and flour gradually with vanilla. Kneads dough for sharpening. Roll the mixture and slice it with a knife or cup shapes. Arrange in a greased pan and bake in a preheated oven at 180C degrees. After about ten minutes they are ready. Do not toast! The finished cookies can immerse themselves in melted chocolate or marzipan but also to stick together two by two with jam or honey. Taste and hardness befit a cat tongue. Should stand for one day to soften.
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13 Jan 2013
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Daniela, intrigued me that it was written in the recipe that you can indulge in marzipan. I've never done and I do not know how melts marzipan, I just rolling out, and it does not work very thin. It would be great if I learn marzipan icing. I'll be glad if you share :)

Hello Aliana! I personally mix 5c. l glucose, 2c. l of cocoa 2c. l oil and 2. l. of water. All this put it on the stove and stir until decide that enough. This glaze except for sweet use it and muffins. Can be decorated with ground walnuts or shock. sticks, coconut and what you came to mind. You can melt chocolate, marzipan or natives with a little oil and still topnesh sweet. I personally prefer to adhesion to jam to soften and decoration products and if I have time.

daniela6545, under real marzipan marzipan (almond paste) or milk chocolate / imitation chocolate you mean? I do not think almond marzipan can melt. Be rolled, shaped figurines - yes, melt - not.

Heavy, I mean that use ordinary milk chocolate or plain chocolate those who like marzipan or some cocoa bar (the cheapest in the store) melt in a water bath with a little oil and dip finished boskvitki

I knew the answer, that Daniela has in mind what BG is called marzipan, not what is actually marzipan. :)

Yes, apparently the recipe talking about what is not marzipan :) It is good to clarify that if someone decides to use real almond marzipan, the result is a loss. Besides, is not cheap. Here is our article on the subject: Марципан

Thanks for the article! This clarification is really important! I definitely use some fancy like the marzipan :)

Mmmm ... really taste like kotshko tab. My slepih them with jam from berries.

I am glad that you liked! On Saturday I made with margarine but I did not like yesterday and have to make new ones. The taste of butter is unable to replace. I made them with SEAL bunny and bear and my little daughter just bite their ears :). I'm not sure whether I glue the other but, I jam from berries and will try it.

I know there is a difference in the sizes of baking pans, but how many out of these products? Got the idea to rub sweet finished with a thin layer of jam and top-chocolate. Whether it will happen? You are very hard?

And I have to stand in the refrigerator dough before rolling out?