Orange peels for desserts

Submitted by enr on 12 Feb 2010
1 cup cut orange peel
1 cup granulated sugar
Orange peels for desserts
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Orange peel gently clean the inside white part. Cut into small strips, put in a jar, add sugar mix well. Jar was left at room temperature until the melted sugar (2-3 days), then stored in a refrigerator. Used as an additive to cakes, semolina halva and other sweets.
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12 Feb 2010


I did it even added and lemon peels. Places and Sokcho.

I do not throw orange peel and lemon, make limoncello or crusts for desserts!

how long it lasts in the fridge

Months, last long if left on me is not enough and I ve new do! Sometimes eat them!

Thanks! I cut them and wondering whether to freeze them, but I have no hesitation.

keep them 4-5 days at room temperature, put your juice in the fridge!

terrific offer for scabs always throw! Thank-you immediately put in the jar ... not how I saw it earlier ?!

with cake becomes very tasty

Great idea :)

I just did, and added citric rind and 1 tablespoon honey home :)