Panna cotta with white chocolate and strawberry sauce

Submitted by enr on 11 Apr 2010
# For the panna cotta:
180 g white chocolate
2 cup cream (unsweetened)
1 tbsp sugar
1 vanilla
1 and 1/2 tsp gelatine powder
# For the strawberry sauce:
120 g strawberries
1 tbsp sugar
1/4 cup orange juice
Mix the broken chocolate, cream, sugar and vanilla in a saucepan and put on low heat until completely melted chocolate and a smooth mixture. Gelatin was dissolved in 1 tbsp of boiling water and then put in the chocolate composition and stirred. The resulting mixture is distributed in small bowls, coffee mugs or small glasses of tea. Put in refrigerator to harden for at least 4 hours. For the strawberry sauce strawberries cut into pieces and put in a saucepan with the sugar and juice. Leave to simmer, covered, for 2-3 minutes until the fruit is tender and the syrup thickens. Remove from heat and cool. Serve, each cup cream garnished with strawberries and sauce.
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11 Apr 2010