Pickle bucket

Submitted by enr on 22 Sep 2010
1 kg cauliflower
2 kg carrots
1 kg peppers
1 kg green tomatoes
onion (optional)
# For the marinade:
9 cups Water
4 cup vinegar
4 cup sugar
1 cup sea ​​salt
1 tbsp sodium benzoate
All products marinade without sodium benzoate, put in a large pot on the stove and boil until melted spices. After cooling is added 1 tbsp sodium benzoate. The prepared marinade is poured into bidoncheto and top loose previously cleaned and chopped vegetables. When the cover of the well fluid, wait a little, they soften and be pressed downward. Add more, again wait a bit, press and so until filled bidoncheto. Pushes with inverted bowl or something, capped and stored in a cool place. * For quantities given are of a capacity as 1 bucket of 5 l - I use bidoncheta of olives. * At home we love sweet pickles and put 6 cups sugar.
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22 Sep 2010


I do this pickle for several years. Quantity of products is optional. This is the dose. Making the dose and if it reaches the marinade again supplemented with marinade in the same proportion, while vegetables reached to cover them. Now I put carrots dincheta and green tomatoes, a week maybe, will add the bell peppers and cauliflower. When finished products, add new ones. Quantity of products can not be exactly determined. If larger vessel, which will be prepared, measured dose of the marinade into larger cups, bowls or jars, but to keep the ratio.

Hello. Today I made the recipe, instead of green tomatoes added gherkins and goat horn peppers. Will report on the outcome.