Pickle cauliflower

Submitted by enr on 14 Oct 2011
2 heads cauliflower
500 g carrots
aspirin, celery, vinegar, salt
Pickle cauliflower
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Chopped cauliflower, wash it and stack the jars, and in the middle put 2-3 carrots, 2-3 cloves of peeled garlic, a sprig of celery. After filling the jars pour vinegar to the bottom edge (I mete-1 soil) and put: 3 liter jar: 4 equal tbsp salt and 5 aspirin 2.5 liter jar: 3 level 3 tbsp salt and aspirin 1.8 liter jar: 2 equal tbsp salt and 2 aspirin 800 ml jar: 1 level tbsp salt and 1 aspirin Spray jars with boiling water Sealing and turn. Once cool back in its basement. Similarly you can do and broccoli.
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14 Oct 2011


very easily try!

And how vinegar is 800 ml. jar?

Again you one finger?

Stefi all kinds of jars pouring a ledge or one finger vinegar.

Thanks for the reply I think a little delayed after the fifth minute. I knew it!

And how soon consume?

already eaten two jars .. I'm not shooting for how long it ..

A sugar not you put?

Because the recipe know her from my mother in law, but she of her grandmother and is very old, only then was placed not aspirin and salicyl, and before that was placed salicyl not know-that the sugar was very expensive and not tuck in pickles, sugar-so and this pickle is sugar-free and aspirin can be done, but pour cold water and sealed. I put aspirin for sure buy cauliflower and do not know how much fertilizer is jammed.

Mariana, in the recipe with boiling water, and in comments you with cold water. Please specify what types of water pour product. Thanks in advance.

I think that I specify in the comment when do not put aspirin pour cold water, I've done it both ways Difference will taste is the same ..Now I'm doing it with aspirin and hot water because we buy cauliflower and did not produce it and again as I have written in previous comments do it with aspirin because they do not know how much fertilizer is in cauliflower-s for sure not to spoil the pickles. .

My advice is still not buy cauliflower because most is imported and heavily fertilized and is quite expensive 1, 30-1, 50 lev, I wait to hit the market by our manufacturers in October, when his his the season and then the price goes down to 0, 300, 50 lev