Pita stuffed Nikki

Submitted by enr on 02 Oct 2011
500 g flour
150 ml water
50 ml olive oil
1 tsp sugar
1 tbsp salt
2 eggs
7 g of dry yeast (1 packet)
# For the filling:
2 leeks onion
100 g smoked bacon
1 clove garlic
olive oil
Pita stuffed Nikki
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Dissolving the yeast in lukewarm water (150 ml) with 2 tbsp flour, sugar and salt. Leave about 15 minutes to rise. In pre-sifted flour do well and add yeast leavened, olive oil and 1 whole egg plus the second egg white by separating the yolk spreads of the pita. Knead the dough and leave to rise - increase 3 times its volume, time is relative and depends on the heat in the room - about 2 hours. Meanwhile, prepare the filling, in a frying pan heat some olive oil, put crumpled by the handle of the knife clove garlic finely chopped, bacon cut into squares and empty circles. Optional put a little pepper. Fry for about 5 minutes and leave to cool. upsetting (tacky) dough sheet. Cut 4 lines. Each line is put stuffing and folding. Winding ohlyuvche and put in a pre-greased tray. Leave to rise. Smeared with yolk and sprinkle with optional spices. Bake in preheated oven at 180C for 40 minutes.
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02 Oct 2011


damn appetizing type

interesting layout! I suppose if the dry yeast is added to the flour without rises in advance will still get a good dough. So I do. With fresh May do ferment. Will try!

C' fresh yeast *I wanted to say!

For sure always dissolve dry yeast in water. I stayed with obezhdenieto so that becomes fluffy bun. Perhaps disorient ...

EEEEEE, enough of these bakery delights :) I love it and will try Tuesday or Wednesday.

I hope you like it and taste

I do not dissolve dry yeast and the result is always a great

If you roll up our roll. Narezhem roll slices and ordered a baking pan while leaving a small distance from each other becomes great breakfast