Twisted tutmanik

Submitted by enr on 16 Jun 2012
42 g fresh yeast
400 ml milk
1 tbsp sugar
5 tbsp sunflower oil
5 tbsp yogurt
1 tbsp salt
3 eggs
about 1.100 kg flour
300-400 g feta cheese
sunflower oil and / or margarine
Twisted tutmanik
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Involved soft dough products without the feta cheese and one egg yolk and flour sifted 2 times. I always finally, beat 100 times the dough in the table. Leave it in a buttered (with sunflower oil) bowl and wrapped a towel for 15-20 minutes to rest. Then divide the dough into 4 parts (balls). Each ball is rolled into a sheet with a thickness of about 1 cm. First as are rolled, brushed thoroughly with sunflower oil (margarine) and sprinkle with crumbled feta cheese. Second crust in the same way and put on the first sheet. Third on the second, again sunflower oil and feta cheese. Fourth crust put on the third, but does not spread and sprinkle with nothing. Press gently with your hands (rolling pin) sheet. With a sharp knife cut them into six bands. Each strip twist, as with the right hand from the middle of the strip, twist front of and left-handed twist to himself and slightly expand. In greased with sunflower oil and flour pan put twisted strips (as round banitsa). Diameter of about 32 cm tray. Leave to rise. Before you put to bake, is coated with beaten egg yolk with 1-2 tbsp water or milk. Bake in a preheated oven at 180-200S depends on the oven. I hope I correctly explained how. It seems complicated, but it is not, you will see for sure. Becomes soft, fluffy tutmanik thread. You should not be worried that twisting falls part of the feta cheese, put it in the tray at the end.
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16 Jun 2012


Amazing idea to organize! I tolerated it a try. Blagodarq LIRINKA!

You must try! Recipe put to favorites to wait line!

Thank you and I, for comment annapeeva.

Thank you, perunika! Hope you like it if you decide to do it.

Lirinka, prepared cheese cake last night: We were very happy (to the dough added 200 g. Of yogurt and fresh slowed 200 ml)! I hope I cope with the photos! Thanks for the recipe! :)

perunika, looks perfect. You're doing it in a small pan, so it seems in the picture. My people at home do not like fat cheese cake, this is in large pan. You have done great.

recipe is wonderful, thank you Lirinka.

And I thank you for the nice comment rumiana1988! Light and successful day you want!

Very good recipe!

I do it for the second time really becomes soft and thread, and is also delicious mnoogo congratulations dear!

LU4A and SIBEL_82, I'm glad you like cheese cake! LU4A, the picture is very good!

Thank you all for that voice in the competition-m. July for recipe and photo of Twisted cheese cake!

This time I shaped like cake: each band twisted as described in the recipe and then tied a knot. In addition stuffing cheese and grated cheese added. I have no words, I was very pleased with the final result, but of all who try them, they were very, very tasty!

Bobby seems very appetizing! Been meaning to do it (certainly not disappoint :)

They did this. Once a man managed to do a span tutmanik in this recipe ...

mamunta, thank you for your trust! :)

Here is my cheese cake. Mmmm tasty!

Bobby is uniquely delicious cheese cake, we were very pleased :) Thanks for the recipe!

Villas and I thank you for the trust to the recipe! The picture is great, I'm glad that you have eaten tasty! :)

Excellent recipe for cheese cake. Give, not 5 and 10 stars!

Tereza_Raeva_71, thanks for the nice comment! I am glad that you were satisfied! :)

Very tasty! In filling put cheese and salami. It was superb! Bravo for the recipe!

ren4ok, thanks! :)

THANK YOU FOR RECIPE! GREAT cheese cake! Already do repeatedly and each time like it becoming more and more!

ivka75, I enjoyed the fact that you like cheese cake! :) Happy Holidays! ;)

Bobby, congratulations for the recipe! It is very successful !. Tutmanik appeal to all, we are very happy :)

renito, is gorgeous!

Thank you, lu4a! :) Half gone :)

Rennie, what are you doing took my mind! :) Congratulations dear, very beautiful! Very good idea of ​​twisting. Definitely I liked. I'm glad you and your family is satisfied with the end result. :)

Reni have golden hands, sorceress, who recipe and make it beautiful without open the photo that I found yours. Lirinka recipe for cheese cake is amazing.

flowers, thank you! :) Renin pictures are fascinating! :)

Girls, thank you very much for the wonderful words! You are so dear! I'm especially glad when someone likes the cakes that do! Here, from our favorite site of all you learned to interfere (and not only) :) Thanks again!

Jessica, thanks for the photo! :)

top covered with a mixture like buns: oil + salt + flour. Majestic get!

LYUBCHO, thank you for your trust! :) Next time I'll try anointing with oil, salt and flour. ;)

How am not komentirala- not know my pass. For the second time and do it is great. Using mass. Do half a dose and it enough. It is very tasty. Bravo :)

Ilijanco, I'm glad you like it! :)

Today I did it again and now I Eat with ayryanche:) I use 28 cm baking pan for 1/2 dose and it idealen- about 4 fingers high. I do not wait too long rising and therefore put it in cold furna- was ready for one hour :)

Ilijanco, and I scored after you! :) Ate is for seconds, but we are your company! ;)

Bobby, so tasty it seems that my priyadat much tutmaniche :) We can not remain so yummy :) Greetings!

Villas, thanks! :) If you had left at least a piece I'd love you teleport. ;)

Hello, I want to thank you for steahotnata recipe. Today I made cheese cake was very tasty, the only thing that will change in the next doing that between the sheet will put cheese mixed with beaten egg. When slicing cheese cake cheese I fell. Can be useful for some of you. Until recently.

Katarina, thank you for the trust to the recipe! :)

k. mimi66 - mimetics, thanks for the photo! :)

It was delicious, thanks for the recipe! Just added a little butter in the dough and in the filling - a little grated cheese.

Mom_To_Be, thank you for your trust! :) Everyone makes it a taste. Important is the final result! ;)

Thank you for the great recipe! It was delicious cheese cake! In the stuffing and put cheese.

Reni, thank you for your trust! :) I'm glad you were happy with the cheese cake. Looks very appetizing Image and taste do not doubt! ;) :)