Stewed meat in a pressure cooker

Submitted by enr on 13 Oct 2008
1 kg meat
100 g fat
200 g onion
200 g potatoes
300 g tomatoes
5-6 cloves garlic
1 bay leaf
few peppercorns
1 tspcherven pepper
Stewed meat in a pressure cooker
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Cut into portions of meat add salt. In the pressure cooker manner of meat, small chopped onion, diced potatoes. Again put meat, onions, potatoes and meat. Add the peeled garlic cloves, black pepper, bay leaf, cumin and salt to taste. Pour 1 cup hot water. Sprinkle with grated tomatoes and pour a preheated oil, colored with paprika. The pot is closed and placed on the fire. Stew continues 20-25 minutes after boiling dish.
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13 Oct 2008


Bravo for easy recipe.

Thanks for the idea, begin immediately. I love simple and delicious dishes.

I'm going to do it now, I'll make a comment when you try. Looks superb!

Miracles happen and if we add the carrot and a bit of wine.

At the moment I try it

may be added and carrot and celery and wine.

in it now prepare, but added carrot and 4ervena 4ushka. If I had wine would be better, but it's quick and easy recipe. I'm sure 4e and very tasty. Thank you 4f has

Each according to his taste and according to the products available at the moment may change the recipe. I have tried various options, but really becomes a delicious dish. I am glad that your recipe is intrigued.

Ina, thank you for the delicious meal :) Do not put the tomatoes, but added carrot wheels and cup red wine - become super :)

Bonnie with that of wine and carrots you did really stew!

and I'm going to make this yummy, I was wondering how to make pork :)

Great recipe. I also add red wine and frozen peas, if I open a package. Recourse to this dish when my daughter was a baby. So quickly prepared, there was no time to cry ...

Instead of tomatoes can be put peppers, also becomes very tasty. Traditional and easy recipe! Thank you!

Hello you :) today tried the recipe. I added mushrooms and wholesale cut and received is perfect :) licking your fingers :) feast for the palate :)

Delislawa, very glad that you trust your recipe and it was delicious!

Today it was our dinner. It is very tasty this dish! I took the liberty to make some changes, but still get a lot better - I added mushrooms, carrot, half a head of celery, cut into cubes, parsley. For flavor I put a spoonful of mustard and wine. Cummin I missed because I did not. I used salt instead of soy sauce and garlic broth. Long his invite to this stew, but already chestichko will do it! Thank you, Ina, a good recipe!

I forgot to put my assessment, but it is implied. Put a picture. I see that Ina has become like baked. When I stayed with sauce dish, but this makes it even more juicy, straight melts in your mouth!

I omitted to say that I put and olives very well have combined with other ingredients. Inche, I hope we are angry that the little I have changed the recipe, but I wanted to try and I do not regret the outcome. Next time I'll do it with beef.

Milencha always very glad when a shared my recipe is complemented and enriched! Often write that each recipe is a proposal that one idea, one direction and every housewife to your liking, available products, imagination can modify. The recipe is very old, since the *dawn* of pressure cookers. Your picture is great. And whether it is dry or with sauce not matter. Who both love him.

favorite recipes of our entire family, now I am going to do this time we added roasted red peppers and carrots, like that of taste and color :) happy holiday and a nice meal :)

dessi_f09, to your meal and you! With carrots and peppers will really enrich the taste and color of the dish!

great dish! Licking your fingers!

licking fingers are the best estimate :) Ive, I'm glad that you liked.

great recipe goes to Favorites and run it prepared

Camellia, I hope you enjoy it! :)

Ina, for the umpteenth time, I am convinced that your proposals are very successful. Stew is quick, light meal and healthy!

Snow, I'm glad that you enjoy! Maybe our tastes are the same :)

I do not know what meat you use, but I decided to try to lower chicken legs. E HEMA such taste. I added 1/2. H. White wine

priqtel, no matter what the meat. I am glad that with chicken legs has become a delicious meal! :)

Tasty and fast food, just for working and do not have much time for cooking. Nothing changed. Inche, thanks for the recipe.

Natalia, I'm glad that you have decided to try the recipe and the result you like! :)

It was a unique tasty dish. Many appeals to the whole family. Not to mention the ease and speed of preparation ... thanks for the recipe. PS I added and a carrot just out of color.

Yule, this is important - to appeal to everyone, and you quickly get ready! I'm glad you used the recipe. A carrot is a great addition - and for flavor and color. When you cook stew, usually add carrot and celery / if I /. So very well orient! :)