Pizza dough without

Submitted by enr on 14 Jul 2010
400-500 g ready peel
2-3 skinless sausages of your choice or another sausage
250 g feta cheese
4-5 pickles
200 g mayonnaise
200-300 g of tomato paste or chutney
Pizza dough without
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Spreading sheet and pay two of them. Smeared with tomato sauce or chutney, sprinkle with chopped sausage, feta cheese, pickles. Rolled up and put in pre-greased baking pan. After ordering the whole tray, spread with a top package mayonnaise. Put in preheated oven at 180 C. Bake for about 30 minutes. * Optional, the filling may be different, peas, mushrooms, processed cheese, yellow cheese, but must be careful because with mayonnaise can become very greasy.
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14 Jul 2010


I like the idea. For now favorite and when I do I will say how. But for now it sounds delicious.

It is really a taste of pizza

It is really tasty, but here's another way to rank-sheet, filling = as pie, I put ketchup between them and other spice or savory pizza and finally spill soda water about 200ml in which I dissolved mayonnaise .

BABY, after I saw your comment that you have already published a similar recipe. ( Pastry Pizza ).

of mayonnaise slathered on top, it is incredibly tasty

E, though there is little difference in the method of preparation, but generally tasty :) :)

I did it with small changes. Do not put pickles and put boiled eggs and corn. Missed and mayonnaise. Wait to cool completely and I have no patience to try!

oobra idea with eggs and corn, but mayonnaise makes it more juicy matter of taste de :) hope you received very tasty :)

ready made pastry dough so that the pizza has a dough. For me it is pure pie filling!

I put 2 sheets, but much to drink and spill. Next time, but it definitely will be, will put on 3 sheets.

is it possible to not know that the peels are not of dough ... I still have experience in the production of pasta. name and such because of the ease of the home to kneading dough ... mimsi I forgot to his senses that the number really depends on the brand of sheet, but sometimes soften and plenty of tomato sauce, chutney, ketchup - it depends on what you put :)