Potato roll type Stephanie in halogen oven

Submitted by enr on 02 Oct 2011
3 kg boiled potatoes
1 egg boiled egg +5
250 g feta cheese + 50 g cheese
3 red onion
1/2 connection chopped dill
1/2 connection chopped parsley
500 g mayonnaise
200 g sour cream
5-6 boiled carrots
3-4 large pickles
10-15 olives
10 tbsp sunflower oil
breadcrumbs, pepper, corn semolina, dry garlic, oregano or savory
Potato roll type Stephanie in halogen oven
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Grate the potatoes, 1 egg, the feta cheese, cheese, 2 carrots and red onions. Kneading minced meat grated products with 1 egg, mayonnaise, sour cream, parsley, dill, dried onions, oregano. Olives. Cut into julienne carrots and other pickles and eggs of four. Raztelete mince half a rectangle. At one end arrange the sliced ​​julienne products, together with half an egg and two olives. Turn the roll. Divide into 4 and with wet hands shape into individual rolls. Breaded in bread crumbs and corn meal. Dab with sunflower oil. Bake in oven halogen top BBQ in aluminum pan on oven paper or 40-50 minutes at 250 C. From this dose go 8 rolls. * rolls are in a conventional oven. I did it twice, because only 4 rolls gathered in the halogen oven. * Mayonnaise is a home without being put citric acid or lemon juice. If you use purchased, reduce pickles because the roll gets a little sour. If you like more Kiselichki things leave of pickles. * The potatoes should be well cooked, they can be grated. I think it is implied, but I decided to write it.
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02 Oct 2011


I love this roll potatoes rights Mariana that she was clenching ,, ,, recipe. Passes to favorites and will be done!

Well, this roll will do it tomorrow, I just can not refrain!

in Netanya has similar recipes - like stuffing is and sausages, bacon, chicken, mushrooms, etc. I tried two recipes such as a problem with these recipes was that only put mashed potatoes with cheese, spices and possibly onions. As for potato meatballs. And of course after bake it dry outside and inside. So put cream and mayonnaise. If you do not feel like grind so many products, boil your potatoes well and make salad :)

Tyuyuyu for today already cooked, but tomorrow for sure will try this recipe ... bravo Marina. I also do potato roll, but at the potato mixture put minced 1 packet, but will now try your mixture. Goes to Favorites-fans are all made from potatoes.

To mamcheto61 - salad is a quirk of my husband :) - While roasting rolls first, my husband turned the kitchen - botsnal their 4-5 cottages mixture and probably got more cooked potatoes because it comes in me and vika- And now a beer will not be put in the fridge for this nice salad? In which I was in disbelief - What salad? - It again - That, in the baking pan. (Chuckle)

hahaha A was to us alive and healthy men because Tez great to be honest they prepare for them, but often also provide good ideas that we realize and then pachim successes ...

Now give statements izmesih mince recipe exactly, but half the dose and she came to me a lot. I made 4 individual rolls, set an upper baking pan on baking paper and have kept your temperature but get foul. Top scorched after about 10 minutes when I told them they turned porazkapaha, but how is it poskalapih I reduced 200 degrees and so dopekoh them, but are rather weak, so this experience write it in simple carbohydrates box in the kitchen. And because I was left mince from which I make meatballs, made new 4 pc only as balls and only with an egg inside. roll them in crushed white and put them back on top grill on baking paper. I slowed down to 180 degrees and let go for 35 minutes, this time the result is better. Apparently my potatoes are those where are cooking and so happened. But I'm stubborn and next week will try again. But other potato special.

Horror! I guess the mixture has become more wet. So - first breading - put 2 packets of breadcrumbs 200 grams. And almost as and corn meal. Stayed and I kept it for later in the jar, so I can upload a photo. Breading became quite hard and dabbed in rolls. Second my potatoes were cooked in the shell and are just three kilograms. - 100 grams - I took them to the household kantarche to figure out what amount collected my pressure cooker. I guess Bulgarian, because there were a lot of mud on them and were on sale from 39 st. The temperature of your oven can be higher - mine is not one as advertised on TV, and Optimum or something. Roll them Paiute them another 15 - minutes - from what I've shown in the image. I'm not turning rolls - I put them on an individual paper and serving them, simply lifted from the paper. Top after shooting them them oiled - did I suhichki. Even cut them into three - one of the ends wrapped in a napkin gave niece to Kusa. I have not released a photo of the finished rolls because they wore a vineyard. Mayonnaise I was home - this means that in a jar of the large, put 3 eggs and pour oil 4 fingers under the neck of the jar - shortly before the crotch. Put the mixture inside another egg. Sour cream was 200 ml- Danone. It is put last. Kashavalat it was a bit of a bitch - soft and sticky - some pieces -otryazatsi of Serdica. The cheese was not wet, not plant

I guess that is scattered is - wet mince. Inastarganiya drained onions. Will make me do this one more night rolls. Azak my homework eggs - will go to mayonnaise.

Do not worry and do not waste your eggs Verne'm not pumping onions, but 100% sure that it is potatoes, but you ate again, I do no one noticed that stsopani xixixi ... ..

After your comment, I did an experiment. I gave step-by-step photos and weights - how I did roll. I did a little more than half dose. Deliberately boiled plenty of potatoes - to see if this is the problem. Rose 4 golemichki rolls by 3 halogen baked in oven and heated in a conventional oven under the same conditions - the result can be seen.

Analyzing the results and taking into account the particularities of the various ovens, I can only guess what happened. In the halogen oven have a small volume - therefore there baking temperature was higher. In consequence of which was formed outer crust, preventing razplyokvaneto Roll. Inside the mixture becomes juicy, after cooling tightens and does not disintegrate in consumption. In ordinary oven with greater capacity / in my case is golemichka- so says everyone knows oven / temperature was lower, and does not form a crust, so the roll is porazplyokalo less. Principle is both fried potatoes, oil with a higher temperature seals potatoes outside and it becomes crispy outside and juicy inside. When frying potatoes at a lower temperature, they become crunchy and absorb oil and remain soft.

MARINCHO, ma don worry was soul, you see in the image, as it became tensed straight meatloaf, only flattened, ate without any problems, but again not guilty recipe or oven and variety potato me .. You'll see next time when I do special potato roll what will happen .. for most wonderful (wow gypsy me on vacation I may boast myself).

as a combo good potato roll becomes extra ..