French hazelnut cake

Submitted by enr on 07 Jan 2014
4 whites (at room temperature)
100 g flour
100 g ground hazelnuts (roasted and peeled)
200 g sugar
125 g soft butter
1 package vanilla sugar
French hazelnut cake
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The oven is heated to 180C. In a bowl mix the dry ingredients - sugar, flour, hazelnuts (ground with scales to meal-like mixture, use a coffee grinder), vanilla sugar. Stir well. Add the soft butter, which integrates thoroughly to obtain a homogeneous oily crumbs. It can be used a mixer. Egg whites are raised on hard snow with a pinch of salt. Very carefully weaved into the mixture with a wooden or silicone paddle. Pour dough into greased cake form with removable board 26 cm. Smoothed and pokes in the oven. Bake 25 to 30 minutes. With a stick and a little pressure on the cake check readiness. French hazelnut cake to cool, then remove from the mold and served sliced ​​like a cake or pastry.
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07 Jan 2014
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Very fine and exquisite pastries. Decked with hazelnuts dipped in chocolate.

And it would work if I put walnuts instead of hazelnuts?

will get, of course, but the taste will be different. Try!

To share the result- get is great pecan pie. Tastes macaroon. :) Attach and photos! Greetings and thanks for shared recipe!

I am glad that he has received, but always fail and hazelnuts!

LYUBCHO, is magnificent! It was a very fine cake *soft* taste! And I did it with nuts (not planned and so I was not prepared) :) Next time (surely Ill any) promise to be with hazelnuts. Congratulations for the recipe!

Reni, very appetizing photos. I was fascinated by the cake and decided that deserves to be shared with you here.

I did it with ground almonds. Jump melted in the mouth. Did not notice when finished. Will be made frequently. Thanks for barzara and delicious recipe.

cake acquires new dimensions and popularity! With hazelnuts is magical, but will obviously try and dtugi nuts.

cake is great! :)

Incredible cake. Thanks for shared recipe.