Rachel pumpkin

Submitted by enr on 03 Jan 2009
2 kg pumpkin
2 kg of sugar
1 liter of water
2 tsp citric acid
flavoring - vanilla 2; geranium;
# For lime water:
3 heaped tbsp hydrated lime
4 liters of water
(or 150 g of lime in 5 liters of water)
Rachel pumpkin
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Preparation of lime water: First is prepared etc. * Lime milk *. Hydrated lime dissolved in water. Must carefully work with her, because very easily become airborne, not inhaled. Place in a container and gradually pouring a little water, first to make a poultice, and then make up the remaining amount of water. The color and density are as fresh milk. Allow to stand for 2-3 hours. Mix several times and then allowed lime to settle to the bottom. Varnata water is water that remains on top of the precipitated lime (clear liquid). After settle fully, carefully cast to not muddy, then strain through a muslin cloth or gauze folded into several layers. Pumpkin is washed and cut into pieces suitable for more further processing. Cleaned of seeds and flesh and peel. Then cut into slices with a length of 3.4 cm and a thickness of about 1.5 cm, more beautiful with a serrated knife for potatoes and stay 2-3 hours in lime water, occasionally stirring. Remove and wash thoroughly several times with tap water. Drain and place in boiling syrup made from sugar dissolved in water. Rachelle boil to thicken. Shortly before his removal from the fire, add the citric acid and optional vanilla (geranium) and walnuts. Packed in dry, warm jars of jam. Close airtight lids and jars are turning on them. Once cool fold for storage. For greater certainty can be sterilized for 5 minutes.
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03 Jan 2009


great jam. I love it. Some put him and geranium.

Ah, how nibble pumpkin in Ratchet ... mmm - big yummy! Tilia, back me years ago! Where to find lime? Does anyone know ...?

Many love it, but I never rules. When I was a kid buying it from the store. In the old cookbooks wrote that boil in grape juice - large vratnya, but in contrast, very tasty.

original really is grape juice. The proposed recipe is *easy*. Last I make it 2 years ago. I do not know whether it can be done with hydrated lime, which is sold in stores for construction products. Years ago, in the winter because they could not find eggs in our family preserved them - buying them at the end of August, orders them in jars or glass jars and pour them with varna water. Used them to March. Last year I could not find lime and experimented with hydrated. The experiment was successful. You just have to consult with some construction specialist - if the hydrated lime is slaked lime - so will happen.

hydrated lime is extinction.

In this case, should be done with hydrated.

to add. Lime water is the water that remains on top of precipitated hydrated / hydration / lime.

Now in the oven baked pumpkin with milk and eggs and vanilla!

Great recipe! But I think vanilla is unnecessary, and any other additional spices. Rachelle is aromatic enough without them.

Maybe he will go if you put a little geranium.

recipe seems easy. Will try it

Today I made crab boil pumpkin in Coto must (must). Was very tasty. Ina, thank you for the recipe!

Reni to your meal! Look appetizing photos. This year we have a lot of pumpkins and I nakanila soon begin implementation of the *pumpkin recipes. '

I made the recipe with hydrated lime. I opened 2 heaped tablespoons in 4 liters of water. Until now I did 2 doses and because it quickly *destroys* I decided to do more.

but that is something delicious crab ... one time I ate for my entire life and I think this time to prepare it herself, I hope you succeed :) Aunt Ina to be alive and healthy so that upload your recipe.

Rossi, I have no doubt that you will do! Good luck!

pumpkin pieces, the more bigger, more delicious.

hello, me too I love Rachel and I decided to make (first) ... But I'm in Spain and I can not find citric acid. I would be very grateful if someone replied with what may be replaced! I wish you all merry day and lots of smiles!

nelineycheva, I do not believe you should citric acid. I do not put so ever since never perishable Rachel.

nelineycheva, I have never cooked crab without citric acid, but once neli. mag you recommended it, you can completely trust her! I and other recipes I have written - for safer then sterilize the jars for 5 minutes. I wish you success!

and I live in Spain and citric acid may be in Bulgarian shops, but here there is no lime anywhere and can I do it without lime, probably will not become crispy

Girls, thank you very much for the advice! Eventually I found citric acid from a friend, Bulgarian, now I have to find lime and ... voila. I was told that you can only find hydrated lime, so will try it again, whatever happens ... Once again, thank you and I wish you much luck!

nelineycheva, vanchetooo61, in the comments I have written that I use hydrated lime. Lime hardens pumpkin / so made and plums for jam /. Otherwise remains soft and will become mushy.

when nameriz said where he finds it, stood wondering in struitelstvoto and no lime

Thank you, tillia this means that you will not try Ratchet

vanchetooo61 finally found lime, although quicklime, find me on skype neli_pevicata and will send you a link ... I maybe tomorrow or the day after will do racheeeeel! Thank you tillia! Sweet dreams, girls!

I hope not include later because the computer was *doctor* - lime must be slaked. nelineycheva, if you want to write my *personal*. I have no idea what's available abroad. Here hydrated lime can be found in the shops of building materials.

The Best of hydrated lime to bring her from Blg. here and there in the past was used so said my husband!

This lime is really a problem. I was told that instead of varna water gourd can be soaked in a solution of baking soda - Nakhon tried you?

Rumianna, if in Bulgaria - no problem. Hydrated lime has in store for building materials. As I have written down in the comments - dissolve 2 heaped tablespoons in 4 liters of water.

Ladies in England Lim. acid has pharmacies - citric acid, and calcium hydroxide can be bought from ebay. My grandfather did it with sugarcane juice and somehow malted. MM M.

He's a good recipe, Ina! As always, I added an idea from me, two cups of chopped walnuts wholesale ... magical taste home are ecstatic! :)

Wow, very tempting your picture! :) Orris, I'm glad that you liked Rachel! They're supposed to pieces - transparent, glossy, slightly hard. And with his nuts prepared magic! Even more delicious if it is gently prepechesh. Thank you!

I thank you, Ina, the end result is truly magical! If you know what the concerns were, until it started sweet, great reading recipes fell. In the end I decided to trust your experience and wrong of course. Greetings! :)

Hello perunika, adore Rachel, I never rules. I want to know what sort must be pumpkin - in some recipes wrote kestenka indeno of which I say so. For example pumpkin violin became the -hubav pumpkin. Is it appropriate?
Or white, or yellow squash !?

Julka, pumpkin which did Rachel was violin. First prepare such a sweet and whether other variety I can not say! The recipe is very successful, Ina is a specialist for this and trusted 100% :)

Julka, I'm rules Ratchet white pumpkin. But as Orris used violin, then there is no problem! :) See what beauty is, not to mention the taste! :) I wish you luck!

Thank you very much! :) Can you reduce the sugar or not enough sweet. Today I have a lime and pumpkin. I do not want to nakartva sweet.

Yule, I think that there will be no problem to reduce sugar, especially if you own pumpkin and sweet. Will wait for the result! :)

I made a correction of the recipe in the sense I wrote it in some detail, as supported with pictures and step by step. I hope this will facilitate those who want to cook crabs! :)

I dared to try this recipe. I did not believe it would be in my power. I remember from childhood that is delicious Rachelle. It was not without obstacles. As I put it in jars suddenly crystallize, hot. I think it boil more than it should, sugar had begun to harden the walls of the court. I pour it into the baking pan, poured a little water and boil again, this time to the correct density and not crystallize as it put in jars. The recipe is great.

Bistra Bravo! As you can see - is in your power! :) Thank you for your shared partial failure and how you handle it. Really boil it longer and very well done as you dosipete water. Only that it should be hot. Remind me how many years ago did you first cherry jam. I always thought that it is not thick enough and when it spilled jars as cold so hardened that nothing could be removed! :) So in jams and prefer to leave the syrup a little more rare and sterilize jars a few minutes.

long-awaited good time to make jelly, and here we come. I did fiddle with pumpkin (butternut squash), because our white pumpkin there. Little candied about the cap (do not know why), but not fatal. Pumpkin pieces were received crunchy outside and soft inside as boiled pumpkin. I have not eaten much jelly and I'm not sure that I had to get, but the result is not bad. Furthermore, I put liquid vanilla, which I think was a mistake - next time I'll look powder or missed it. I'd put geranium, but also not. For a first attempt, I think I did well.

Gerry, Orris has done with pumpkin violin / comment 37 /. The pieces must be exactly - crispy outside and soft inside. Well, not quite as boiled pumpkin, but soft :). Flavoring can not put anything when you do not. I am very glad that you prepared Ratchet! :) If you have photos, upload them.