Roasted mackerel on vegetable bed

Submitted by enr on 29 Aug 2009
1 kg potatoes
2 tbsp olive oil
juice of half a lemon
2 red peppers
4 tomatoes
1 tsp pepper
2 mackerel, cleaned and boned
Roasted mackerel on vegetable bed
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Potatoes peel , washed and cut into rings. Arrange in a greased pan and sprinkled with olive oil. Add salt and sprinkle with pepper. Cut the tomatoes into slices and put on the potatoes. Peppers cut into strips and place on the tomatoes. Add salt is. Fillets are placed on a bed of vegetables, but the skin up. Sprinkled with lemon juice. Bake at 180 C for 30-40 minutes. Serve warm.
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29 Aug 2009


It will be a very good recipe. Can only be salted fillets and before being placed on zalenchutsite to wait 20 minutes away.

Yes, you can get them salted before you bake them, you can add a little lovage for better taste. But such was the recipe and translated it like :)

It looks very tasty! You should try it, but other fish, mackerel something I love her :)

and I will try just that with trout. (The fish I put rosemary)

You can put any seasoning put fish do not believe to spoil the taste. Can only improve it. I put and lovage.

And can anyone tell me how to debone the fish? Many times already try something does not work. I would be grateful for advice :)

In stores sell directly ready fillets of fish and are the same price as ordinary uneviscerated fish. So the fish is sliced ​​by first making an incision in the abdomen (from head to tail) and clean the entrails, the pendulum head and gills, then exalt slightly herringbone and pull. This will take away the main bones, and those who remain - they are smaller and are within the meat itself .. I do not know whether they can be removed, I do not scoot. Do as I have described.

Thank you for the clarification :)

Nothing, I hope I have helped.

I love fish will necessarily try :)

DANCHO and I really love mackerel is my favorite fish - many love her grill with lemon juice and garnish with fried potatoes .. The other day I bought a fish - Kilkenny (Lithuania) and then izparzhih. It is a small fish like mackerel by size, but is salt-free and very tasty. Wonderful fish and the price of a kilo was 2. 60 euro. If he's there with you you can buy to try, really very delicious.

Rossi will look to see if I find I will buy to try it on me mackerel also my favorite but I love it in the oven in foil with a lot of onions and morkovki :)

Yeah, and so I have consumed .. Super.

Today will do. Thanks for the idea.