Roasted rabbit in halogen oven

Submitted by enr on 24 Oct 2011
1 rabbit (1.2 - 1.5 kg)
50 g butter or pork lard, slightly softened
1/3 cup sunflower oil
1 tsp mustard (optional)
1 tbsp unisos * Maggie * or soy sauce
1 tbsp soy sauce lighter
1 tsp paprika
1/3 cup wine
salt and spices to taste (savory, black pepper, oregano, thyme)
600 g potatoes (optional)
Roasted rabbit in halogen oven
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Wash and dry good rabbit. In a bowl put the butter, the oil, mustard, unisosa, soy sauce, red pepper and salt and spices. Stir nice to mix. In a suitable pan put the rabbit and nice smear with this mixture inside and out. Tie legs. Cut the potatoes and some tuck inside a rabbit, and the other end to put it. Pour rabbit with wine and 1 cup incomplete hot water. Cover the pan with foil and put it on lower BBQ for 50 minutes at 250 C. Then remove fthe oil and turn the oven for 10 minutes at 230 C. Take the rabbit and cook for 25 minutes to 230 C. Again turn and finish cooking for another 15 -20 minutes at 230 C. turn often because the rabbit is at the bottom of sauce, so not having to pour over. Use potatoes to garnish rabbit.
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24 Oct 2011


Nice has constipation bunny. Well you had not thought of strangling top with foil!

I just went and tasting. Could still is to stand under the foil and only finally to only constipation, but so eat-we are not touched. And then I will do so. At least the rabbits'm pretty loaded.

noble envy you for rabbits! Our country their meat is a great honor, but do not dare to buy it from the store, because in Varna was the case in a large store chains to sell instead of rabbit cat. The balcony can not take care of them, but we were already at work to convince her father in law to begin to grow. Rabbit looks very appetizing!

This rabbit is so exceptionally small, as if in order for the oven took that broke his leg, or my other are still about 2 500-3 kg and less difficult will roast them in the oven this, except in portions, which incidentally is preferable. Not only looks, but it was quite tasty, but the backbone remained in the baking pan and another potato.

I Sym vegetarian and did not believe that day will come to say - deliciously's crust is baked prevyzhodno. Unique cook you. Track your meals with great interest - everything is very well done

Unfortunately we at home are all carnivores, but there are days when I cook lean.And cooking is my favorite hobby, the most money spend on food, love to combine and to fabricate various cooked meal, well that my husband and my father in law are *good piglets* and I do not find fault with.Another advantage is that I live in the countryside and most of its products produce them.