Salad Easter bunny

Submitted by enr on 27 Mar 2010
# For the salad:
400 g potatoes
1 stalk leek
2 carrots
50 g peas
3 green onions
# For the sauce:
2 tbsp sunflower oil
2 tbsp yogurt or whole yogurt
150 g mayonnaise
1 tsp sweet mustard
1 tbsp lemon juice
salt, pepper
pinch of sugar
# For rabbits:
4 hard-boiled and peeled eggs
1 carrot
several peas
black pepper
whipped cream (yogurt puree or cream cheese)
Salad Easter bunny
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Salad: Cook potatoes in salted water. Once cool, cut into very small pieces. Leeks, cleaned, washed and cut into circles. Peel the carrots and cut. Fried in sunflower oil about 2-3 minutes, then add chopped leek and peas. Leave on low heat for about 4 minutes. Add salt and sprinkle with pepper. Already cold vegetables are mixed with the potatoes in a suitable container. Sauce: All products are combined and broken down to a homogeneous mixture. The sauce is poured in vegetables and mix well. Leave in the refrigerator for about 1 hour. Rabbits: Eggs decorated Easter bunnies using a cross-cut carrots - for ears (puts and whipped cream to keep), 2 peppercorns - for eyes, whipped cream - a mug, parsley - a mustache, one pea - each noslentse. With a spoon to dip well cooled salad and served on a plate, the surface of salad leveling. Green onions washed and cut into small pieces. The surface of the salad is coated therein. On each salad put finished bunnies.
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27 Mar 2010


Very much I liked a great idea!

Many original bunnies and flowers.Beautiful each time.