Salad Prestige cottage cheese

Submitted by enr on 11 Dec 2009
250-300 g cottage cheese
100-150 g feta cheese
3-4 boiled eggs
4 peppers
3-4 cloves garlic
200 g mayonnaise
pepper, salt
Salad Prestige cottage cheese
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In a bowl put first the cottage cheese and mix with crumbled feta cheese. Slice peppers and eggs diced, pressed garlic. Add mayonnaise, salt, if not savory the feta cheese and a little pepper. Gently stir, because we love to be felt pieces pepper and egg, but may be passaged.
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11 Dec 2009


That looks delicious. Put it Bookmark

Thanks, I'll try to photograph it now

this is one of my favorite salads but did not know exactly kakavo putting. Thanks for the recipe!

will be probed soon! Thanks for the recipe :)

holidays come and we will try.

prepared to day, is awesome! Thanks for the recipe :)

quickly, quickly eat

salad is great. Prepare quickly and ends quickly. Bravo!

It is this delicious salad, years ago I ate something and e have many I liked, now I remembered the taste, will often do.

Very tasty salad, just made it ... well, less caloric bomb, but not all are such good things :)

salad is very tasty and home often you prepare as it is quick and easy. To lighten and add a few tablespoons of yogurt.

Very tasty!

My 6tom my husband wanted further ... DIY conclusion :)

recipe is great, very tasty salads :)

It is very delicious! Thanks for the recipe! Ate her about dinner - with 1 slice of bread and a fresh tomato ..

It was very good. I put mayonnaise and milk became mild and pleasant salad.

Very tasty salad! Almost always do make Easter is a favorite of my son :) This time missed roasted peppers and then I shaped like a cake (put double amount of all products except mayonnaise).

Super is - going and salad, maybe a toast to bake. And for recovery of the colored eggs.