Salt roll of puff pastry

Submitted by enr on 22 Nov 2013
1 sheet of puff pastry (800g - 1 kg)
3 large onions
300 g mushrooms
200 g ham
200 g cheese
1 egg
thyme, salt and pepper
seeds for sprinkling - sesame, linseed, sunflower and others. optional
Salt roll of puff pastry
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Fry 3 large heads coarsely chopped onion in a little oil, add salt, pepper and leave to cool. During this time, 300 g mushrooms stew them tampering with a little salt and thyme. Diced 200 g of ham, and another court grated cheese in large pieces. roll out the dough and put in the middle of the first onion, mushrooms on it, then the ham and cheese last. Carefully screw the dough and sticking with beaten egg. Top also smeared with egg, sprinkle with seeds and bake in preheated oven at 180-200C degrees. * I razstelih puff dough on baking paper with pizza cutter shredded edges of the strips (photo 2) put the stuffing and plaited bands.
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22 Nov 2013


Great suggestion! :) Home love puff pastry and filling like, so ... will be done :)

We liked a lot! Quick, easy and delicious :) I did it with green onions.

renito, I'm glad that the roll you like :) The idea to prepare with green onions I like, next time I will try.

gold, thank you shared the recipe with us! :) Very much like us! Some family members (most - demanding) even preyadoha. ;)I replaced the ham with smoked neck and added to ground garlic mushrooms. Well, I admit I increased and the weight of the products. Yummy! :)

Lirinka, glad that the roll is appealed to even the most demanding family members. I'm not surprised that they have overdone portions :) very tasty indeed - both hot and cold.

Fast and delicious! I put olives instead of mushrooms.

LYUBCHO, great looks! :) Very fluffy appearance. Which company is puff dough, if you write to the PM. ;)

Bobby, thank you! The dough is LIDL, what is not frozen. Always very successful and delicious with it.