Banana strudel pastry ready

Submitted by enr on 02 May 2009
500 g rolled filo pastry sheets
6 bananas
300 g chocolate
125 g butter
1 egg
Banana strudel pastry ready
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Chocolate Grate in large pieces grater or cut into pieces. Peel bananas and cut into discs. The four sheets of phyllo dough are coated with melted butter and arrange on top of one another. Washers banana is put on a greased peel and add the grated chocolate. Sheet is rolled up, the side edges are coated with butter and folded. The roll is placed in the tray and through the blade making several transverse incisions along the diagonal. Spread with butter and beaten egg and bake 15 minutes in a preheated 200 ° C oven.
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02 May 2009


recipe is great and easy to implement, I think it could be nice and apples instead of banana will necessarily try! :)

Yes, Alouette, right. I did it with apples and cinnamon. Here are some pictures :)

looks very appetizing, PassionFlower, bravo! :) I still exactly this recipe I have not rules, but improvised, watching it, I did buterki with grated apple and grated chocolate, were superb!

Bravo to you. Well you done correctly. Of improvisation better not :) lunches am this, and what did you do with apples and chocolate is just amazing. So I put a powder-pink color and I think it was in pektin- mixture of apples and rose jelly. I brought it from abroad and it was all in German so I improvised with the packet and to my delight was successfully received.

Amazing vkusnooo!

This dessert is delicious! For the first time I watched the presentation of this recipe in the transfer of Ivan Zvezdev. I've tried, applauded all sladkokusnitsi who visited us, was in the summer and served with ice cream balls!

Superb dessert. Very pleased. For me, I did meatless option / right now are fast /. In bananas put 1 tsp honey. Butter and margarine swapped to top narasih sugar. Both options were great.

Put picture only post option. Versions with chocolate, I forgot to take pictures.