Salted box

Submitted by enr on 22 Feb 2012
2 skinless sausages
100-150 g feta cheese
1 egg
savory, colorful salt
2 rings salami (bottom)
Salted box
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The skinless sausages are cut - first in length, then the halves. In smarmy court rank and secured using the toothpicks in the shape of a box. Mix the feta cheese, egg and spices. In the box * * put sausage on top and bottom filling is poured. Bake about 10 minutes (until ready egg). Sprinkle with grated cheese and garnish of your choice. * For 2 servings.
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22 Feb 2012


Another original proposal for easy and spectacular appetizer!

And I liked an idea, thanks ... :)

Men were fascinated me! Once again well done! Instead of salami on the bottom of the *box* I put a thin slice of bread.

this box is amazing and will try

This is great. And how are served only ...

very original. Last night I made a few boxes. To bottom using thin slices toast bread and baked directly into the boxes barbecue grill. Great became

cherished great!

great recipes using thicker slices smoked ham instead of sausage and zapekoh them in the halogen oven-bottom grill 15 minutes at 180 degrees without cheese on top to be able to seal a good egg in the filling, then I had some cheese instead of cheese roll I put it on top and dopekoh 5-6 moments of 225 degrees. remains loved and will experiment more with this great idea ..Congratulations to the author for having shared with us your idea.

And this time the bottom of the boxes from my slice of bread. Inside and put slices of tomato. Great, easy and very original appetizer :)

Again our favorite cans! :)