Schweppes colors of wood elder

Submitted by enr on 05 Feb 2012
10 liters of water
2 kg of sugar
7-8 lemons
2 tbsp limontozu
15 fresh petals
1-2 tbsp rice
In a large plastic bucket with a lid pour 10 liters tap water and add sugar. You can reduce or increase the amount of sugar to suit your taste. Add lemon, washed and cut into circles and limontozuto. Depending on the desired intensity of the aroma and the size of the color put 10 to 20 clusters with handles of wood elder, called svirchovina or elderberry. Cover the pot with a lid, to become contaminated. Periodically stir to dissolve the sugar completely. Allow to rest at room temperature within 24-36 hours. Strain the liquid, pour it into bottles, put inside a few grains of rice and seal. Suitable as glass or plastic bottles of different volume but they can be sealed tightly. The quantity of rice put in the bottles depends on how fast you want to be gassed nathe pita and at what temperature will be stored. 3-4 grains of rice every 500 ml liquid stored in a warm place (terrace in summer) carbonated nathe pita for 2-3 days. If rice is the same amount, but the bottle is stored in a cool, will be gassed after 5 days if it is in a basement after about 10 days approximately. It is desirable to prepare bottles to be gassed at different times. If you have metal caps lemonade and be left to ferment quickly - can begin to shoot like champagne. Therefore Schweppes can be preserved as a preserves a maximum of 20-30 days after preparation is consumed. If you want to be stored for a longer period reduced the rice and keep cool. * This is very useful and refreshing napita for hot days, the taste reminds her of Fanta Madness, which is not available in stores.
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05 Feb 2012


And no rice is obtained aeration. The bottles have a maximum of 0, 5ml. With greater capacity is not desirable to use because of the reasons / fulmination bottles /. I do not know whether the rice can be left / winter supplies such as /, but it can be stored at 100%. I made this recipe from 20-something years at least, but with different ratios of products invested in it.