Shortcake with ladyfingers and mascarpone

Submitted by enr on 27 Sep 2011
200 g biscuits
250 g feta cheese Mascarpone
400 g sour cream
powdered sugar or sweetener to taste
1-1 and 1/2 cup milk
3-4 tbsp cocoa
1 tsp rum
Shortcake with ladyfingers and mascarpone
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One full tablespoon of cocoa is dissolved in a little of the milk, previously heated. Make the remaining cold milk and add the rum. mascarpone cream and mix with sweetener (powdered sugar) to uniform, smooth cream. In a rectangular baking dish arrange half of the biscuits, each immersed for a second of the two countries in the milk. Top evenly distributes half of the cream and sprinkle with plenty of cocoa. It ranks second layer of ladyfingers and top distributes the remaining half of the cream. Sprinkle with plenty of cocoa turns with foil or nylon. Leave in the fridge for at least 5-6 hours (preferably 24 hours). * I used biscotti Biskuits of La Castera - 24 Lovilio Mascarpone and sour cream Bohr Chvor 20%. * Crisp - measuring about 15x25 cm. Always trouble with the use of suitable cream, so I allow myself to write the products that I use, which does not mean that you can not enjoy more!
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27 Sep 2011


Been meaning to do tiramisu. But home no coffee lovers, I do not risk with raw eggs and so we decided to make proposals cake. It was very light, pleasant dessert taste of all of us.

I do this tiramisu 2-3 years, because at home we are not fond of raw eggs, cream but you do it in Bulgarian with 200 g sour cream, 250 grams of cottage cheese and 4 tablespoons sugar. I prefer ours to digest mascarpone that the top is quite expensive. In the summer you produce curds from goat's milk which gives me the goat. But now will try and your version of the cream, but now I say that not with mascarpone .. See I did not know that you need to screw with foil. Thank you Tilia, and this cake really becomes very tasty. I even put the cream in mashed bananas and also became successful.

Mariana, Liddell had promotion of biscuits and mascarpone. Us we are also expensive, but decided to try what this *mascarpone*. The next time will be used cottage cheese, as you say - in Bulgarian. And your idea of ​​adding fruit to use with pleasure.

hahaha, here's a samishlenichka, Tilia I also tried mascarpone bought by promotion and saw that this is pure unsalted like the cream cheese or cream cheese. At the moment I close the refrigerator 500 grams something, what ogelpih yesterday cheese could not tighten the mixture and was a rare and trichava, and as I put it to drain morning found ready cream cheese (bgmaskarpone), but me angry I do not know how it happened .. so to do, and I have biscuits and cream on Saturday will make your tiramisu.

You're right about the mascarpone! Reference is made as home cheese: with citric acid, not with rennet and drained weight on top. Used not pasteurized cream - in some parts of Bulgaria cream her killing themselves from cow's milk. So, should you not killed pasteurized cream - 600 ml, 1. L sugar, 1. L citric acid or tartaric acid. Water bath, pour the cream into a bowl and then heated to 80 C, stirring often - about 15 minutes. Add lemon juice, sugar and continue heating until thicken so that if you dip a spoon the mixture to stick to the back of the spoon and then stirring for 5 minutes. Then remove the bowl from the water and leave to I deleted about 20 minutes. Express in cheesecloth. After cooling completely, put the cloth in kevgir, cover with plastic wrap and place in refrigerator overnight or 24 hours. You can keep it in a container with a lid to a week in the refrigerator. Instead of a bowl of water bath - there is such a pot - mlekovar, use it.

Mariana, this is how a failure contributes to the creation of a new product! Mimetics, upload your recipe in the catalog. Interesting proposal and could benefit the many.

This is great! We have put further between the two bogs and blueberry jam. Unique!

Veni, very glad that you made the cake, but with this addition of blackberry jam imagine how delicious has become!