Skatleni kolacheta

Submitted by enr on 21 Oct 2010
1 tbsp salt
about 1 kg of flour
300 g feta cheese or cottage cheese
200 ml sunflower oil for frying
Skatleni kolacheta
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Dough is soft (not sticky) dough of flour and 500 ml lukewarm salted water. Tear the dough balls smaller than the egg shape is round buns and place them on a floured surface to rest for 30 minutes. Then each pellet immersed in hot sunflower oil and stretches as cakes, but very thin. Sprinkle with feta cheese and folded like an envelope. Fry on both sides in the heated sunflower oil. From the dough with these products did 24 balls. 12 went for pulled banitsa, and the rest - of kolacheta.
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21 Oct 2010
with. Spark Parvomajska


I stretch them on a plate and put the stuffing in 2 eggs

On I do not like eggs. Looks like banichka with omelette.

It is like an omelet, and burek, but a matter of taste.

In the village of Iskra people seem able to indulge:-))))) Fatty you are, Nelly? I guess that quickly izparlzhvat because they are so thin, and fail to take oil, or?

This is a recipe from gyozleme Aliana, but here are fried !!!!

My grandmother made them, only that they said crosspieces (or something:-)).Many are delicious.

scam to ask whether Nelly can be prepared with ready dough from the store

From yeast dough will become as buhtichki. Thick them disheveled. Will be crispy and soft. Instead of the bag, the dough should be folded in two in the middle. Good luck!

They are very tasty and crispy but little as I do not get