Spicy breaded cauliflower

Submitted by enr on 07 Oct 2012
1.5 kg cauliflower
3 eggs
300 ml beer
120 ml carbonated water
360 g flour
70 g smoked or spicy cheese
2 tbsp mustard (coarse)
2 tbsp sweet and sour chili sauce
2 tbsp pikantina - a mixture of dried vegetables and salt
300-600 ml sunflower oil
freshly ground black pepper
Spicy breaded cauliflower
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Shred cauliflower into pieces and boil steam - must not razvaren and after treatment still crunching. Separately, beat egg yolks. Add mustard, chili sauce, pikantinata. Add half beer. Pour half the flour, mix well with mixer. Put the rest of the flour, top beer mix. Let the mixture stand for 10-15 minutes. Add the grated cheese. Beat the egg whites. Then add the sparkling water and egg white parts as mix the ingredients with a spatula. cauliflower rolled in breading. Deep fried or more sunflower oil to 180C degrees for 2-5 minutes. Serve with sauce or other garnish.
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07 Oct 2012
Adapted from Breaded kashkavalcheta / restaurant Happy / -zvezdev.com


breading is very successful. With it, but without soda, do fried sirenevi and bites of cheese. With cauliflower we like! This picture shows appetizing, white sauce, what is ?!

annapeeva, I'm glad that you and that you like breading. The sauce not Happy. :). Him in 2006 in the transmission of Zvezdev not rule. Specially bought his magazine Bon Appetit to take code that address new recipes in his site. In source products are given in larger quantities - 1 kg. product, even in the forum in 2008. I wrote that for 1 kg. product, but definitely out much more about the product, which will batter quantity. Jump is for 2, 5 kg. cheese. Kashkavalcheta panicked once stayed and cheese that and sausage. To make fried kashkavalcheta, without slumping must pre-cut cheese to put in frizer- even Zvezdev him out of there and said it. Otherwise the sauce is drained yogurt with olive oil, coarse mustard, chopped onions, dill and a little grated smoked cheese.

Very interesting recipe :) I like and will definitely make it. I love cauliflower.
Nice day!

I think you will really like it. I'll be glad if it out.

breaded cauliflower and broccoli-very tasty work.