Spinach soup with boiled soup thickener

Submitted by enr on 06 Mar 2014
300-400 g of fresh spinach (maybe frozen)
1 onion or head feathers 1 bunch green onions
1 carrot
2 tomatoes - can canned
1/3 hours. h. rice or vermicelli
5 cups hot water
1 tsp paprika
mint, pepper and salt
sunflower oil
# For soup thickenerta:
1 cup yogurt
1 tbsp flour
1 egg
Spinach soup with boiled soup thickener
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Onions cleaned, cut into in small pieces and stew in fat. To it was added cleaned and chopped spinach and red pepper and stir briefly. The resulting mixture was diluted with lightly salted hot water, add the sliced ​​carrots and bring to the boil. Add noodles (or rice) and when it uvri add chopped tomatoes and mint. Then boil the soup is removed from the fire, thicken with boiled soup thickener, made from yogurt, egg and flour and season with salt and pepper. Serve sprinkled with chopped parsley. Boiled soup thickener for soups, main dishes and sauces: The products are placed in a container with a rounded bottom and broken well until a smooth homogeneous mixture, which is diluted with a little broth finished soup (or sauce main dish). The mixture was put on fire and stir constantly with a wire, until you feel the compression of the liquid and start gently gurgling. It is then re-diluted with broth soup (or sauce dish) and again heated to boiling with stirring. At the finished soup thickener is added vinegar, lemon juice or citric acid and placed in a dish for which it was intended. * In soups and sauces added a trickle, stirring constantly. * In the main dishes, such as stuffed peppers, dolmas and others. are flooded with it. * Boiled soup thickener gives a density of soup. * Soups and dishes with condiments should not be reheated to boiling.
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06 Mar 2014


The soup is very tasty! Rules I have repeatedly, so write it down as tested! :)Gold recipe for boiled thickener is very helpful and I would recommend you to upload separately. Will help many housewives! :)

I mean, I had to mark *tested*, but got lost! :)

I do the same spinach soup, but with roux, also becomes very delicious.

Prepared thus spinach soup is really delicious :) Always do it with boiled thickener, she gives a solid, different flavor than plain thickener. Similarly thickenvam soup balls. elenka72, roux, for beans you doing? I have not tried, but I'm curious and I'll try. tillia, will write the recipe for boiled thickener separately, let me know in which category to put it - in soups, hot sauces or ...?

gold guess in *Soup* and *Other / unsorted /*. The Administrators have the word here :)

zllate, if you're not sure where to put your recipe - put in *Other (ungraded).* Otherwise, Ina's rights in these two categories it belongs to the recipe for thickener soup :)

To make roux, as beans, it becomes very tasty, and will try and thickener with

I added her yet girls, soups with meat and without, would not allow me to choose only *Soups*. elenka72 try and I will try your version :)

Supichkata is great, kachvchm and photos.

I am glad that you liked elenka72 :)