Steaks in a jar

Submitted by enr on 13 Jan 2010
boneless chops - chop, fillet
crushed garlic
melted lard
Meat shaped steaks are Hammer. Salted well and shouting in jars. It is very important that, after the installation of each steak in the jar, the meat is pressed nice hand to knock the wind between the steaks. After each line chops put of crushed garlic and red pepper. The meat is arranging a finger under the neck of the jar. Then in a deep pot is heated pork lard until hot and pour to the neck of the jar. Allow to cool and put in a dry and cool place. So they can stay 2-3 months.
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13 Jan 2010


Many are so delicious, my grandmother was doing such, but instead of garlic, put chopped leeks.

are very tasty, especially with leeks. Only, just as I pour molten mass snuggle extra knife deep to the bottom of the jar to get out as much air. Sometimes remain small bubbles, which should also hit the surface. Persist longer in the fridge.

Fry the meat in pig ointment with the same fat bay, stands in the cellar and safely consumed and pre summer

Thus svinsnko preserve my mother in law, it is the Vratsa region. It is very tasty, nothing to do with the meat from the freezer by opening the jar is very fresh and crisp. The only drawback is that prepared in this way does not last long, as described Reni should be consumed within 2-3 months.