Steamed pickled red peppers

Submitted by enr on 12 Oct 2013
5 kg red peppers - ripe and healthy
garlic, parsley
1 tbsp sodium benzoate (purchased from a pharmacy)
# For the marinade:
750 ml vinegar
150 ml sunflower oil
400 g sugar
150 g salt
2 tbsp honey
2 bay leaves, allspice, black pepper
Steamed pickled red peppers
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Peppers are cleaned from the stems and seeds and wash. Marinade boil in a saucepan (do not be surprised by the small amount), stirring constantly until it boils, not Zagora honey and sugar. Run a few peppers in marinade, and inside them must enter the liquid and turn them around 30-40 seconds until change color. Removing the peppers in the pan, as nice express marinade them in the pot. Once the pods are blanched, leave to cool completely. Marinade too. For this pickle should use a container with a wide neck. It can be used 6 L of mineral water tube on which to cut the neck. already cool peppers lining in court as between them put the finely cut garlic and parsley. Top put 1 tbsp sodium benzoate and pour the marinade student. Place the flat stone that hold the peppers dipped in marinade container is closed (or cover with plastic foil) and leave in a cool place. * First I want to thank my dear friend Professor. Boyadzhiev for this great recipe from his grandmother, so that he passed on to generations! * This do in October pickles and peppers to remain crispy spring (usually eat them until March).
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12 Oct 2013
Prof. Nikolay Boyadzhiev


Once my mother did in *knitted* pickle jar that ... nostalgia for times gone by ...