Stuffed peppers with minced meat sauce

Submitted by enr on 09 Jul 2010
18 peppers
1 tsp paprika for sprinkling
# For the filling:
1 large onion or green link
4 tomatoes
1 kg minced meat
1 tsp savory, vegeta, black pepper
1 cup Rice
# For the sauce:
3 tbsp flour with peak
7 tbsp sunflower oil
400 g yogurt
7 pinches salt
2 eggs
Stuffed peppers with minced meat sauce
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Peppers are washed, gutted and salted. Everything for the filling is kneaded and under cover and 1/3 cup water stew on low heat about 10 minutes. When minced meat turns white and becomes a fine crumb, the court shall withdraw and leave for 10 minutes. Fill each pepper and seal with tomato cap or flour. Arranged in a deep saucepan, sprinkle with paprika and pour 5 tbsp sunflower oil, pressed with a plate, pour 4 cups water and cook 2 level under the lid for about 30 minutes. flour fry until golden in the oil on low heat and dilute to a smooth mixture with water from the peppers. Milk, egg yolks and salt crash and add to the sauce. When cool a bit, add the beaten whites. In serving each portion pour this sauce.
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09 Jul 2010


And so I prepare them. With this sauce are great!

Great recipe. Never before did like stuffed peppers, but these are very tasty!

Thanks! Glad you like.