Tarama caviar meal

Submitted by enr on 14 Feb 2012
1 full tbsp ripe caviar
3 full tbsp semolina
250-300 ml sunflower oil
1 tsp limontozu - if necessary
1/4 onion - optional
Tarama caviar meal
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Meal is boiled in 300 ml water, with constant stirring, and allowed to cool completely. Caviar beat mechanically with a wooden pestle, the aim is to burst as many grains. If skins are removed. Add cold cooked meal. Mix everything well. Add the oil gently in small doses, early drop by drop, and when the caviar is * engage * may trickle. Wait taking the whole amount sunflower oil, before adding a new dose. Throughout the caviar must stand firm. Because caviar is salted enough salt is not added. * granted caviar risk is truncated. In order to avoid that during the stirring can be added a few drops of the solution into very small water limontozu. Caviar should tighten immediately. At the finished whipped caviar optional can add the juice of a quarter of grated onion. caviar, which most often use is taranka. * ripen caviar caviar * means that after removal of the fish is salted and wash well, put it in a jar and buries with salt. Add water as the salt to stay wet. Stays for at least 3 weeks in the refrigerator before being ready for use. Throughout should be covered with wet salt. Its grains are large and swollen. It can be stored for about a year.
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14 Feb 2012


Didka72, very good idea for presentation! Bravo!

recipe is interesting. I made it with roe-spread - 3 spoons and 0, 500 g. Of oil. Semolina however need to break with the blender before put it to spawn, because upon cooling became lumpy and could not be taken over by the eggs and become a homogeneous mixture. Oddly, very caviar semolina lightly sladneshe. I picture because it did not reach decoration and design - it ate thick slices covered :)

ma_rri_na, lest the water you was little in cooking the meal?

I do not know lucky6. Follows a description of the package meal - as a cream given was 200 grams. Meal of 1 liter of water and 1 hour. h milk. I put half a bag - 100 g. 3 hours. The water h t. 600 ml. and poured it into a trickle after the water boiled and reduced heat at the lowest level. Surely, I do not confuse it with sufficient vigor :). Of course not put all the meal, but only half. Caviar I was the Greek - pink and not so salty, so I put 3 in. L of a double dose. Moreover, this recipe egg does not stand so greasy than other recipe when you put soaked in water and squeezed bread.

ma_rri_na, obviously not the amount of water remains ... is stirring:-) Apparently, however, received well, if you are not able to shoot! I put the quantity of meal in cold water and then put on the stove, stirring constantly. My own way - strange for my mother!

Yesterday I did tarama -a fish roe in this recipe to suit everyone and is easy.