As Tiramisu zucotto

Submitted by enr on 03 Mar 2012
150 ml coffee or instant EXPRESS
50 ml whiskey
400 g biscuits - 48
100 g walnuts
200 g of dried apricots
150 g dark chocolate
confectionery cream 600 ml
4 tbsp cocoa
As Tiramisu zucotto
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Bottom and sides of bowl covered with plastic foil. Mix freshly made coffee with whiskey. Biscuits to dip briefly in a mixture of coffee and line the bottom and sides of bowl. Lopsided cream mixed with chopped apricots and walnuts and divided into two parts to one part add melted chocolate. On biscuits is applied first white cream mixture, and in the middle put the chocolate. Cover with ladyfingers soaked in a mixture of coffee and turn again with foil. Thus, the formed cake stand in the refrigerator for at least 2 hours. Attention is on a tray, as before, we remove the upper foil, remove and rest fthe oil and sprinkle with cocoa.
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03 Mar 2012


Once I was visiting a friend and she had made. Me I liked and nyakaolko times reaching for;) Honestly I do not know how much alcohol was in, but I remember that I was fascinated! :)

Rally, thanks for assessment, coming from you, it is very valuable, and the amount of alcohol can be reduced :)

Interestingly this dessert - I just want to ask you is a liquid cream and crashed without sugar?

dideoxy, cream is given in milliliters, which means that liquid :) Pastry cream is set, ie she is sweet. If you've used natural cream, her sweeten to taste;)

Rally is right, the pastry cream is liquid and sweet, this recipe does not need sugar.

Thank you, I will do it very soon and will share the results.

For today's birthday of my son!

LYUBCHO, thank you for your trust. Enjoy your meal and happy holiday.

I made the recipe with few changes. Incredible look and bkus. Thanks upload some photos :)

tonitaleva, thank you for your trust. Enjoy your meal, the pictures are great.