Turkey roll with sauce

Submitted by enr on 03 May 2010
1.2 kg turkey breast fillet - general
4-5 large field mushrooms - 150 g
200 g fresh feta cheese with herbs
2 tbsp tomato paste
1 carrot
salt, black pepper
# For the sauce:
1 carrot
150 g mushrooms mushrooms
1 stalk leek - green part
200 ml cream or broth
1 tbsp flour
50 ml olive oil
Turkey roll with sauce
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Tenderloin cut with a knife spiral so that it can to develop as a sheet. Grate carrots, mushrooms sliced, leeks into thin rings. Fillet spread, salt it thoroughly, sprinkle with black pepper. Smeared with the feta cheese and tomato paste. Top rank mushrooms, leeks and sprinkle with grated carrot. Tenderloin is rolled and tied with a thread. In order to facilitate tying, may first be fixed to the skewer, which are removed after the bundle is tightly with thread. In a deep frying pan with high cover or in a saucepan heat the olive oil in a very hot fire. Roll fry it from all sides in order to seal the pores of the meat and not lose their juice. Make up to 300 ml water, put the carrot, sliced ​​leeks and cut into pieces. Cover with a lid and the hot plate was reduced to about 1/4 of its capacity. After an hour the roll turns once again and stew 30-40 minutes. Ensure that water does not boil off, if necessary, make up a little. Flour suspended in cream (broth). Roll be removed and placed in a warm place. Sauce and pass a return to the pan. Put them mushrooms and pour the cream, stirring. Seasoned with salt and pepper and simmer for ten minutes, stirring. If too thick, the sauce can be diluted with water or broth to a consistency as is preferred. The roll is served sliced ​​and sprinkled with sauce. * For garnish match boiled, baked or fried potatoes. * If using natural fresh feta cheese, to this was added finely chopped herbs of your choice, blending clove of garlic and a little salt .
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03 May 2010


For the first time I cut the meat itself, as is evident from the picture:-) It is better to ask the butcher to cut it so that it becomes a sheet - then it is more evenly. Taste I think it plays a role. I'll put in the forum link to a video in which it is shown how to tie a roast. Clearly, if he is German.

I loved and it shows that it would be delicious.

goodies! Can be made with other meat.

seems very very tasty.

It looks very tasty'll try