Vita banana layered cake

Submitted by enr on 01 Nov 2010
5 eggs
80 g sugar
60 g flour
1 tbsp corn starch
1 tsp lemon peel
pinch of salt
1-2 tbsp cocoa (optional)
250 g cottage cheese
150 g fruit yogurt - Banana
250 g feta cheese Mascarpone
2 tbsp caster sugar
1 tsp rum
2 bananas
200 g fine milk chocolate
200 ml cream
50 g cream for decoration
coconut decoration
Парено dough - marzipan Varna
Vita banana layered cake
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Yolks separated from the whites and sugar are broken. Add sifted flour, starch, lemon zest salt and cocoa. Separately, beat egg whites on hard snow and add the yolk mix, mix with a spoon. This mixture is poured into a rectangular tray, covered with baking paper, greased with sunflower oil. Bake about 12 minutes at 180-190 C. Meanwhile, prepare the cream by breaking the cottage cheese, mascarpone, fruit milk, rum and powdered sugar. After cooling, the base is naryazava 4 long strips, which are coated with cream and arrange thin rings of banana. The first strip is rolled up and placed on the tray erect, and then with the other strips, the orbits to form a roll cake. With kitchen plastic wrap foil tight and leave the cake in the refrigerator for 24 hours. Chocolate grate and pour the hot cream while stirring constantly, no longer boil until cool. With half a chocolate cake Ghana pour from all sides and again returned to the refrigerator are one hour. Then finish the rest of the chocolate, as is smoothed with a spatula everywhere. Again put in the fridge for one hour. Then decorate the sides with coconut, topped with cream and marzipan Varna or another of your choice.
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01 Nov 2010


This cake I really like, goes to Favorites!

Very delicious cake, content and implementation.

The only thing that changed is the icing. Covered with fondant. Very tasty happened!

Thank you very much to all! I am glad that you like our country is a favorite only change fruits and receive others. type cake. As did EMI can be changed and cover with fondant or white chocolate and fruits with strawberries, peaches and apricots, raspberries, mango it is the last time I did and swapped with white chocolate incredibly delicious obtain. Use your imagination to satisfy your tastes. Thank you again! Compliments emi03 your pictures are great! Bravo!

Pepeleon, I'm glad you liked the pictures are. Thanks for shared recipe! :)

Auuuu, emi03 this is a work of art. Very beautifully done. Bravo and Petya are good recipe.

Hello again. Here, today, I have cake. Only this time I used pineapple instead of bananas and cream and fondant decoration. Actually emergency had cake classmate's daughter and doobyad only I could think of for this is so small and simple. But vkusnaaa ...

How was Pepi, is great. Surely the child has enjoyed much;)

Very Sweet Bunny!

And me my bunny is very sweet :)

Thank you, thank you, thank you and thank you three.

very, very beautiful

Hello here I am again with cakes. This only swapped bananas berries at the request of the girl who was the cake. There remarks, but she is very pleased to be the birthday of her mother who loves cats ...

Bravo Pepi, is great!

Again bet on this delicious recipe and the result is naturally delicious cake.

Well, the cake looks amazing beautiful! And these muffins about it ... Bravo! I can only envy of this noble, who is prepared :) Congratulations!

doby, thank you for the nice comment! :)

Emi03, great cakes.

I want to congratulate emi03, a pink cake and football. Both are very beautiful. Bravo!

Congratulations for pepeleon and emi03 for beautiful cakes!

Yoanka, a big BRAVO me! Performance is ideal, a small masterpiece! Brabham and rereleon a unique idea!

sladki64e, congratulations decoration! I loved it, and color.

Dianka, Nellie, thank you! As a first attempt painted cake is OK. And I like the colors, although slightly different I could have imagined. The ribbon was gray and black, but influenced by the opinion of my husband and the happy coincidence that I bow with the same blue color as the flower of her changed :). Sometimes I listen to the advice of my husband and now has helped me :). for his other post, I could, and I did not want to do anything. Did not like the traces left by the brush I have been camouflaged not seem like done with a brush. Well yes, but I have no idea how, but I do not already experimenting :). I hope you and the boss, who had designed the cake to her liking. I did her on his taste - I used blueberry jam, raspberries and strawberries and cream little changed - instead of cottage cheese, whipped cream used, very nice work.

beauties ... More

What beauty you created ... well done! Very impressive ... filled my eyes ... I ran leagues ... :) :) :)

Well, congratulations dear! Very gentle and stylish cake you did! :)

Bobby, thank you!

Marshes there need baking powder?

Taqman do with it :). No, dumb need raising agent.

Super her! Thanks for the quick response! :)

Thank you for the great recipe! I followed it faithfully and get delicious cakes. Became tiny, so next time I will do a double dose to make normal big cake.

John, cheering on the cake! Awesome!

It is so stylish and beautiful cake ... to her beloved! Bravo, Yoanka! :)

Wow, tov miracle hands Is it done? Simply amazing I feel like eating her nipples. Girls rules'm cakes, but you can not please do marzipan and once threw pound, sometimes whole. Otherwise I like to do cakes, marzipan but me is impossible. All variations I liked girls, especially orange, brown and baby :)

Meri_Popins, thank you! With hands, patience and desire is done :). This cake is really going very tasty. The latter must always receive successfully, the cream can be made according to taste fruits can benefit all. A marzipan - and I've had difficulties, I threw, but once you feel it then becomes easy. Do not give up, success!

If adding cocoa should you reduce the amount of flour to get a nice crust?

Yoanka, great beauty you create again! Great ideas and have golden hands! Congratulations!

My son a few days will have a birthday and will gladly prepare this cake again.

Snow, congratulations! :) I loved the picture of the cake, the child certainly was very happy! :)