Winter soup with sauerkraut and pork

Submitted by enr on 15 Dec 2009
400 g sauerkraut
300 g pork
60 g rice
2 leeks onion
2 dry chillies
4 cloves garlic
700 ml sauerkraut juice
60 g sunflower oil
Winter soup with sauerkraut and pork
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Leek cut into small pieces, chunks of meat, sauerkraut julienne. The oil is heated and in it fry gently meat to seal. Put a cabbage juice, 300 ml water and add all other products except garlic and leek, because it is more delicate cooking. You can add more water and cabbage juice, depending on preference. Once everything is done, about 10 minutes before removing the soup from the heat, add the leeks and five minutes before the end put the chopped garlic cloves. You can add the sliced ​​smoked salo.
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15 Dec 2009


I do similarly meatball soup with cabbage juice, and I am of the opinion that everything must first be boiled with water and finally add the cabbage soup as she acidity interfere to cook the products :)

I make soup always as described in the recipe way, but Fry meat - to be healthier. But lately even use olive oil instead of vegetable oil and cook with chunks of white chicken meat - the result is super :)

Julie, do not confuse. acidification with nothing to prevent boiling as the meat and the vegetables. on the contrary, it promotes more rapid Braising.

recipe is super and I do the same for years, very successful

but, if you zalev juice ... can only water ...

In our region this soup is said kurkudena soup, my grandmother made it known it from her grandmother very old recipe and its our tradition :)

Ivka, I had not heard that name, but here the site I learned. And to call it, the recipe is time Ono is very tasty :)