Wood for modeling or assembly of decoration

Submitted by enr on 10 Mar 2012
400 g mixture modeling
brown paint or dark cocoa powder
starch in the bundle
knife or cutting tool
rolling pin
Wood for modeling or assembly of decoration
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Mixture modeling (fondant, marzipan Varna or another of your choice) is divided into two parts. Their ratio will determine later how dark will be wood. One part is colored with brown and yellow paint to achieve the desired light shade. The other part is colored with brown, yellow and black paint to the desired dark tone. Paint always put less and kneaded to complete takeover of paint. Only thus can without stirring to establish the exact color of the mixture. Working surface powdering with starch. Each piece is individually rolled in a thin layer. According to the used material may need to powder between each work step. Since each layer are cut roughly identical shapes and are imposed on each other. At one end puts a dark tipped the dark mixture and roll up. The roll is cut into discs, each disc is put to bed (on powdered surface) and roll it thinly. From the resulting layer with a ruler and a knife (I use the pizza cutter) to cut the boards * *. Are sized according to specific needs. In my case I measured the height of the cake and so figured length. Circumference of the cake divided by the number of boards, gives width plus 2mm board overlap. The edges of hard to go dry brush to remove any crumbs of material and smooth tool with a ball on top. Cards are ranked on foam or other air-permeable surface and allowed to dry completely. Can be put in the oven with blowing about 30 degrees. Thus, after about 4 hours dry. Otherwise, should be made a day or more in advance. Assemble as directed. If the boards will have holes, curves or other, they are cut, while the fund is soft. After drying it is impossible, because the material becomes brittle. It is therefore necessary to work with a clear idea of ​​what exactly will be done. I think it's better to leave 1-2 spare washers mixture or a small amount of ortho-colored mixtures, if you break a board. If you then start turns over, will never be able to hit the same color. * The thickness of the layers Roll mixture modeling determines how many times you can turn the roll until it reaches the desired thickness. This in turn determines how many annual rings will be wood. The more - the more realistic look. Stylized look for strips can be rolled from the general, and not from the narrow side. I did it both ways. * Commanded weight is indicative and varies according to need. * I've got complexity Difficult because it is laborious. Otherwise, the process is very easy and can be done by beginners.
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10 Mar 2012


Aliana, a lot of creativity! Bravo for the idea!

I want to sincerely apologize for the quality of the pictures. Making boards is photographed with my phone with a poor camera, with the finished cake with a smartphone, but it seems so ... I want to explain something straight: when the boards are glued on the cake, it must be plastered with a cream that contains no water / liquid. Fondant does not tolerate water and melts - or as little as to izhalmi, or many, so frayed. In the normal coverage that can save it with a flower it with something else, but if you flex boards, would you failed the whole project. Boards tie with nylon pantyhose (new course;)) because he hem them durzhi enough, yet is flexible, yet no cuts. When you hold, just slip off up and can be used again.

Great davesina explained. Bravo. And the cake is great. Immediately and evaluation.

Wow an art, so well explained that I gained the courage to try, and I, bravo Raleigh and thanks for sharing such interesting technique with us.

I agree with flowers! This is real art!

great rally, as always.

what a beauty! Brilliant images, it does not dare to try not to spoil Faso :)

Girls miles, thank you heartily for the good words! Flower, try, not too hard. The same technique can be used for coating in any other colors, or it can be shaped vases, bowls. Can marl making fabric Cake Princess, Barbie, etc. No limits to the imagination :)

This is something unique, perfect! I'd seen for hours, so everything is real ... Congratulations, Rally!

Very well described! But as is true! Thanks for the tips for working with modeling mixture. The ideas are really good.

Rally, the cake is wonderful explanations of wood too, but to me a great impression I make foam, someone who understands can see his funny, but I can not figure out what it is made, so that they will ask you to explain what you enjoyed about it

From snow white fondant, which is obtained only when the fondant mixed it with glucose, rather than copper, for example, I made a balls of different sizes. Shaped hands are quite arbitrary. Separately made snow 4 protein and 200 grams of sugar, quite normal tseluvchena table. On the cake is a complex snow, uneven, as I did account where will duckling, where the doll, where I want to drip foam. Snow on the beads are packed snow white fondant. The sides are glued fondant balls, glued with protein snow. This is. :)

idea is great! The entire cake is very nice - foam, cloth (it's even my fluffy), the inscription on the plate and the bed (perfect imitation of wood).