Moist sweet beer

Submitted by enr on 16 Jun 2009
flour as you take
1 cup beer
2 cup pork lard
10 g baking powder
# For the filling:
100 g ground walnuts
4 tbsp sugar
1 tsp cinnamon
# For the syrup:
2 cup sugar
2 cup water
# Oval:
2 cup ground walnuts or 1 cup coconut
The lard must be at room temperature and mixed with the beer, and then with the other products. Knead dough. The amount of flour can not be set exactly because of pig lard, just the paste should be so soft that when pressed with a finger can be pierced easily.The dough is rolled base thickness 3-4 mm cup cut circles in the middle of which is placed on ground walnuts mixed with cinnamon and sugar, are bends in half and pressed with a fork ends. The cookies are baked in the oven at 200 C. It gets cooked sugar syrup of water and sugar. The cookies are dipped in syrup and rolled in the walnuts or chips. The cookies allow to stand for at least 12 hours wrapped in nylon to soften.
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16 Jun 2009


blubber is almost half a liter. Is not it too much? Where is put?

Not much Desi. Once there is no oil ... is perfectly possible to be 2 cups of fat that should be added to the beer, baking powder and flour. But still Rossetto explain better. It is my opinion :)