Brioche buns with honey

Submitted by enr on 19 Sep 2009
500 ml milk
2 eggs
1 cube of fresh yeast
6 tbsp honey
2 tbsp sugar (incomplete)
8 tbsp sunflower oil
1/2 tsp salt
about 1 kg of flour ( or a little more)
stuffing of your choice - marmalade, jam, nuts
1 yolk
1 tbsp fresh milk
butter or margarine
sugar for sprinkling
Brioche buns with honey
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In half warmed milk put yeast, honey and sugar and stir to nice dissolution of all products. Then mix all the other products and the dissolved yeast, flour and knead a soft dough. Allow 10-15 minutes to rise and again knead lightly. Divide into 8 balls. Each of the balls one by one roll of a circle, cut into 8 triangles, put stuffing (I used the jam, plum and peach jam) and turn buns that are left in the tray with baking paper, lightly greased with sunflower oil. Leave as little to rise. While making all the buns, the first tray is almost matured. Spread top with beaten yolk with drops of sunflower oil and spoon milk. As souring muffins bake in preheated oven. I Paiute of 185-190 C first fan and bottom and inflate just a fan. Fired very quickly. Once removed from the oven smeared with nice butter or margarine with a brush and sprinkle with sugar.
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19 Sep 2009
mom Eva


Great buns are obtained, I do them in much the same way with very small differences in the recipe:-)

Bravo! Well explained recipe and great photos! My son sitting next to me and asks, when will they do when he does not like pasta:-)

Tomorrow I will make them for breakfast. Pepi, your recipes are always very successful. Bravo!

Well, Pepa, I did your fantastic brioche buns if I had seen earlier this recipe I would try these muffins. I'm sure are amazing.

Bravo for delicious recipe. And I do them just like you no honey, but would love to try your option.

Girls, thank you for your trust. Hope buns you appeal to taste.

yolk spreads from the 2 eggs, or is it another?

mimsi, not of two eggs. Another egg yolk with oil droplets and milk and anoint thee. Will be with whole egg guess, but will not have glamor, but will stay on - opaque so to speak.

OK! Gettin them!

Here is my picture!Half done inside with a piece snack bar *natives*.Wonderful!Bravo!

mimsi, marvelous are your muffins. Thank you for your confidence and your meal.

I do them the same way. Are very nice. I'll try this option - honey. Will become even more fragrant.

Pepi, muffins again become great. I did half salty / cheese and cheese / and sweet / with natives and with strawberry jam /. Sweet sprinkled with vanilla sugar and salt with sesame and poppy. Marvelous are.

recipe I liked going in favorites.

desislava76, I'm glad you again trust the recipe. Great idea and salty stuffing. I will try. THANK YOU VERY MUCH.
romantika, hope rolls you appeal to the taste.

. Made with cheese, cheese and only sprinkled with sesame seeds. Very nice recipe.

Emo, I'm glad you liked the muffins. Thank you very much for your trust.

today I made them for breakfast many children like them can kombirina a filling made them with liquid chocolate cheese topping yagodaOTLIChEN RESULT!THANK YOU FOR RECIPE Terrific

banditkata thank you I'm glad that you liked the muffins

Great buns are received, then the paste becomes very nice. Thanks for the recipe!

kaktyska, thank you for your kind words. These buns are our favorites.

Great recipe. Today it out. All home are ecstatic. Fillings - delight, was very tasty. And because one box is not enough (I'll know for next time), the rest of the dough made of bread - was very good!

devoika, I'm glad you were tasty :) And I love many buns with delight and have no doubt that they were well received. Thank you for the evaluation and trust :)

great recipe. Wonderful buns!

kami, thanks for assessment and trust. You're making me very happy with this comment :)

Amazing muffins! Do them regularly with delight! Tale ... :) Bravo, bravo!

pami999, I'm glad you like muffins and a delight really are very nice :)

The scones were great, I have no words :)

mzdravkova, I'm glad you were tasty and are approved muffins :) Thank you for the confidence :)

These are the first rolls that roast. Received was superb. Thanks for the recipe. :)

Melani96, many are nice muffins that you did :) I'm glad you enjoyed and thank you for the trust :)

Brida very interesting flower you done in an interesting way, I loved it!

is not of my hands; I saw her from a forum ideyatya dough is similar and added them.

BRIDA, great idea :) thank you for it :)

muffins are prevazhoni, even by inexperienced cook like me. thank you very much that you have shared the recipe with us.

Well, I thank you! Glad you were tasty :)

have long been favorite and many do use them 4esto pink delight for filling. wonderful recipe congratulations! always spolu4livi and soft on the day just melt in the mouth of vsi4ki prepora4vam them.

SIBEL_82, thank you very much for the trust towards this recipe! These rolls are our favorite home :) Thank you!

bridle, I'm not very experienced, how precise shape rolls like a flower? I hope you or someone else told me before the birthday of my son. I really want to do then. Thanks in advance

Great, I added them to Favourites :)

kitana, thank you for the trust :)