Quick dessert Summer

Submitted by enr on 12 Jun 2010
300 g biscuits
400 g jelly Lemon chips
800 ml compote of strawberries or raspberries (1 jar)
# For decoration:
6-7 strawberries, raspberries or other fruit of your choice
3- 4 tbsp sour cream (maybe yogurt)
Quick dessert Summer
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Put on the stove water from compost and as a boil, drop a lemon chips. Stirring until melted and removed from the heat. In bowls (maybe in tray) Break the biscuits into chunks. Pour them with hot compote. Now you can put the fruit of the compote (optional). Once cool, put in refrigerator and wait until the mixture gelled. As dessert is ugly in appearance have to makeup. For this purpose we put a bit of sour cream (yogurt) on top and decorate with fruit of your choice. If you do not compote, add 800 ml water, 4 tbsp sugar (maybe to save sugar because lemon chips sweetened enough) and 10 strawberries on the stove to boil 1-2 minutes. Remove the strawberries and then run inside lemon chips.
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12 Jun 2010


Bravo Elti! I love lemon chips:-) will try soon.

I'll wait to share your opinion. Hope you like it. Appearance is zlogled, but otherwise is very aromatic and tasty (at least I like it).

Very well look, the pictures are great!

dessert is really yummy. Tolerate variations! I've done it with stewed apricots, diluted with sweet and so on. Thank you reminded me, Elti!

Yes, it is with any fruit. I have not tried with diluted sweet, but a clever idea. Thank dvechkite for good grades (sound like belezhkarka in school:-)

Elti, dessert made with juice from peaches. There is no such lemon chips and resemblance (not so aromatic) :( :( and compotes will soon will be in BG and buy a few cans of lemon chips, and to do it in the original recipe:-)

And how you get, melek? If the mixture is gelling, even with these candy (and if they are sweet, because there where some are more acidic than sweet), then roughly be received something close to the original.

Well, I just did it with acid - (still waiting to gel, but I will wait to stay: - () In the extreme case, some ice and a cocktail:-)

:( Sorry. These candies are clearly not. Well, you optimiska.

Another summer fruit temptation, with different options! Great!