Pudding * Crown Sultan *

Submitted by enr on 01 Feb 2011
1 liter of fresh milk
125 g butter
3 tbsp flour
2 tbsp corn starch
1 cup sugar
20-25 baby biscuits
1 vanilla
100 g chocolate
30 g butter
1 tbsp cocoa equal
Pudding * Crown Sultan *
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In a saucepan melting the butter and add the flour. Fry over medium heat 2-3 minutes, stirring constantly, then pour the warm milk and sugar. Stirred vigorously until the flour and the sugar is dissolved, then adding corn starch. Keep stirring until pudding boil. Remove from the heat, put the vanilla and add broken in large pieces biscuits. Stir. Wetting round cake shape and pour the pudding and smoothing the surface with a spoon. Leave to cool down, cover with plastic form foil and put in the fridge for 24 hours. Before turning pudding dip of form for a few minutes in hot water. In the Court of the water bath broken chocolate, put the butter and chocolate and stir until melted. Ready pour the pudding mixture.
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01 Feb 2011


recipe I like and goes to favorites. I want to ask just what these cookies (not think), but I guess I can replace them with others.

Very nice recipe! Goes to favorites. And those baby biscuits have a banana and milk-at least those I know, I guess it will not matter with who will taste?

enjoy banana flavor, but really does not matter what your tastes are. Faith will shoot pack of biscuits and will get the picture.

Great Turkish pastry with great name and great pictures. Applause! I just want to ask what Bulgarian biscuits can be replaced baby biscuits.

chunky, good to excellent recipe! I also subscribe to the issue of Cornelia. Definitely will try!

Thank you! I must say that for the first time make this dessert and it was very tasty and light, and do it quickly ... I say was, because gone :). I guess you could use and tea biscuits, I think that there will be no problem. In the description I forgot to mention that from the moment that cookies are added to the pudding must act very quickly by pouring the mixture into shape.

These biscuits are sold in almost all small and big shops, very light and delicate biscuits, it is understood from the fact that baby. GREAT RECIPE, BRAVO!

may be replaced with tea biscuits.

very nice recipe-Bookmark

chunky, thanks for the photo!

Easy, certainly delicious and served beautifully. Great photos, buci, bravo. Put in favorites.

And I join the praise for lumps and pudding. I like these sweets - with cream and biscuits. I wrote the recipe tonight will try it - it quickly. Chunky, your photos are very nice - especially on cut piece - well designed. Congratulations! If I can keep my pudding will do and photos.

And I'd really like the recipe. Logged favorite and will try.

Thanks for all the feedback! In Turkish cuisine pudding is highly respected and there are many recipes, I can get a few more recipes with him for his fans.

interesting pudding and easy to make, this site is a real temptation for gluttons of sweets! I'll do it in soon!

After a two-hour stay in the refrigerator is attacked (this 24 hour aging (recipe) is pure punishment:-) It is very tasty and done very quickly. In a word - perfect! I put the whole packet of biscuits (190 g), do not bother with counting.

Original! Congratulations!

Quick, easy and no more I guess it tried delicious pudding. I put the whole packet of biscuits with banana. The fridge is about two hours, give him at least one hour and will be attacked barely keep him ... Thanks for shared recipe!

Thanks! Desi ochkvam to you and photograph / s?

Photos-next time. :) Even before say that paying already begun by my little daughter, but not tightened much more secure would not be able to turn it .. maybe because I swapped the butter with margarine ?! The next time there will be corrective and it will be soon ... :)

For me did not want hard to get out of shape and I decided to eat it without turning ... and in the last moment *fell* on the plate :)) Maybe downtime is small biscuits absorb excess moisture and dosgastyavat pudding, but it takes longer.

soon made pudding again, but used it to make sponge pastries. This time became more dense and tightened better than my first attempt. I'd like to taste!

A great recipe! To favorites :)

sounds too delicious :)

2 days ago I made the recipe yesterday and turned dessert topping made. It is very tasty, but after I cut the first slice, dessert settles, I do not know what density you are due, or should more starch .. I used corn instead of wheat, if it does not come problem? Just as cream is soft, not tight enough

marykerry, use a bigger spoon and filled it with the tip. Oil you use for pudding or margarine?

used oil in - in the comments below, I saw that one of the girls used margarine, but I'm not. Maybe a little cornstarch ...

marykerry, if you think a little added at your discretion ... but you can see in the picture cut piece how stands and watch your form no problem for me - measures in the recipe.

Nice and easy dessert. Goes to favorites. I put pictures to illustrate. Next time I'll do the cream with others. color to have a contract between cream and biscuits to more appetizing.

easy and practical!

And I had a few mishaps with the execution of the recipe, but the products that I used, and apparently from *mastery* me! - The recipe is quite right! The benefits of such tea biscuits and corn starch. Part of cream added the cocoa, but had to be in a greater amount, because not much was evident. In carefully cake form it was pretty tight. Following the instructions, I turned on her baking pan, pudding adopted slightly form of *Leaning Tower of Pisa*, and in places was stuck on the wall ... in chocolate for topping not put cocoa butter only, but it was pretty thick mixture and need to add a few tablespoons of hot water, so I can use it. Despite these *cosmetic* defects get great tasting dessert, not to mention that it is extremely easy and effective! Next time I'll use a little cracker.

And I put a whole packet of biscuits with banana (190g) added 3 tablespoons starch further prepared dessert recipe entirely in the form of cake looked good tight separated him from it, but with watering chocolate cream liquefy and lose as a pudding. Otherwise, it is very tasty, but kind of could not bring him ...

Do it with pudding of Oetker and will not fall apart.

I forgot to write that and put the pieces of finished rolls / almost 1 roll of large / and it was fantastic.

Some time ago I did it, but I forgot to upload a photo! I did not do enough compressed and put gelatin became superb. To put cake biscuits instead biskiviti.

I just prepared the dessert and I'm sure it will be delicious, but I had a serious problem with the preparation. Instead of wheat starch, put pudding packet. In any case I put the whole packet to tighten cream. My problem was that I put starch not mix it with water in advance (as prepared according to package directions) and became marbles. With some effort I managed to break it and I think it will get better. As it turned tomorrow will share the outcome.

dessert is our taste! Many hareasa us and will do it again.

I tried the recipe several times with a different kind of biscuits and 4 tablespoons of starch. It was incredibly delicious. They love it all!