Baklava ready ordinary peel

Submitted by enr on 02 Dec 2003
1 kg ordinary peel
500 g butter
250 g walnuts
1 tbsp (10 g) cinnamon
700 g sugar
the juice of 1 lemon
Baklava ready ordinary peel
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Grease the tin with melted butter (the best is to use a rectangular tray) and are arranged two-thirds of the peel. Place ground walnuts mixed with cinnamon and put them on other sheets. Baklava is cut diamonds and pour the melted butter. Bake until golden. Of sugar and 600 ml water is prepared syrups which boil only 2 minutes, and thereto is added a lemon juice (citric acid may slightly dissolved in water). Baklava cool pour the cooled syrup and leave to rest one day to syrupy well.
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02 Dec 2003


Baklava is a killer, straight to crack baking pan. Great.

baklava is great, do it, and in Spain.

This is the real baklava.

baklava was super great. Very tasty, I have no words! Do it, and in Berlin.

It is very nice this recipe, I also I'm doing it for years - is great.

The most delicious baklava. Try so more beautiful is: Nuts bruised in a mortar as big as big lentils. Put in syrup and washed rind of the lemon - gives a great flavor.

So do baklava years and is great!

My need not have cinnamon.

is great! With cinnamon, of course ...

baklava is gorgeous, she reminded me of my childhood, I had not eaten homemade baklava than 15 years, thanks for the recipe.

Bravo for the nice recipe looks super tasty, and will do so with ordinary sheet, that I might do with puff pastry and last

Something happened with the company and I could not Complete the wanted to say that I have failed with puff dough :))

Do not get! 24 hours longer keep it assumes enough of syrup and remained suhichka someone please tell what may be because I did it with ordinary pastry.

Are syrup is less? If less - make a little syrup.

and I do in Vancouver is super

Again want to avoid Sarah say that I do it so super

LONDON gives 6 Miss ... bravo ...

I did my warm syrup and syrup I poured hot baklava.Is much better than with cold syrup.Plus I have not put any lemon and 30ml milk - this is for the syrup.The syrup has become a *elbows* with a very pleasant mild caramel taste.

Easy, quick and delicious baklava vnogo! Instead cinnamon walnuts put the grated rind of lemon.

What do normally, it should be put. A cinnamon .. I do not know my personal opinion is that baklava without cinnamon and cloves is not without baklava ... Try with cloves and will be noon. :)

I do not know why I did not come up evaluation for the recipe, but it is very good!

baklava is perfect!

colorful, very beautiful! Unusual way of cutting baklava, which will take!

Here, so cutting it and I liked it and reminds me of baklava pastry from my childhood to play the picture!

This baklava and I do very little difference.In orihite add cinnamon and granulated sugar 1-2 s.lazhitsi.So the nuts do not mat.I syrup 800 ml water so sugar to boil as begin to thicken.In the syrup put orange peel, tangerine and lemon.Becomes very aromatic.But then do not put citric acid, lemon rind does not allow him to crystallize later.The other thing I want to share is that after being cut baklava pour preheated oil, whether with oil or butter.Hot fat fry ends and they turn down.It is also cold baklava to pour the hot syrup.This also prevents baklava to *ruffle* ends and remain bent down and inside.Image that is put nesiropirana more baklava.Way of cutting is called *Sun* I see that others do use a couple.Happy holidays friends :)

is Super! Greetings from Florida

I always use ready-made pastry - no time for sharpening :)

Elizabeth pie without cinnamon E h ... without a kiss Sorry.

baklava is siropirva warm and walnuts put a little sugar and lemon rind and it very tasty. Enjoy your meal!

is great! :)

1 kg sheets are not a lot? And what size baking pan used to not become too thick? I want to do, but once you figure out how will be the most delicious. Please try out this recipe to share and help a layman :)

Make a pound. peel, pour hot oil in edges in syrup cut circles 1 lemon and orange and boil for 5-10 minutes. becomes very fragrant.

Super, thanks for the express response. I found the oil and syrup. A size tavata- approximate?

It depends how much you want it, you can use the entire length of the sheet or 1/2 sheet or round shape, or form in which to fit the sheet can be rolled up like saralii or otherwise the end result is always baklava.

Thanks very much :) making it, I'll write how it happened, I hope to be doing;)

I make her about any Christmas or New Year!

is great! Only I put a little of mint 1/2. H. Breadcrumbs in the stuffing, cloves and vanilla syrup and syrup then pushed it in the oven for another 5 minutes. As for baking until golden, somehow managed to hit him for 30 min. At 180 degrees (fan bake).

In the order of 2/3 of the sheet at the outset you dab with butter between them?

I think maybe to put a little melted butter, but I always eventually spill oil after making an incision of baklava is poured between fugichkite and carefully rotation is distributed on all sides, then bake.

which was performed at last. I first became well, but the other way will make some changes for yourself. Thanks for the recipe :)