Quick triangular banitsi

Submitted by enr on 08 Jun 2011
12 fine filo pastry sheets
5 eggs
200 g feta cheese (or 100 g cottage cheese and cheese 100 g)
6 tbsp sunflower oil
lump of butter
1 beaten egg for brushing
Quick triangular banitsi
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The feta cheese (the feta cheese with the cottage cheese) is crushed and mixed with eggs. A rare mixture. Each of the peel folds from the widest part of the half and in the middle spread about 2 tbsp of the mixture. The sheet is wrapped on both sides and gets rectangle that folds in half and then triangle. Triangular banitsi are arranged in a rectangular tray with dimensions 28h38 cm greased with butter. The oil is heated and pour 1 tbsp of two triangular banitsi. Spread top with extra beaten egg (or what is left of egg-cheese mixture) and bake in a preheated oven at 180-200 C until golden. Once cool, can be cut into smaller triangles, as nuggets. They are perfect for buffet.
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08 Jun 2011


Bravo! I like this idea of ​​patties, and with the photographs you explain myself and emphasize everything very well.

Thanks! Hope you like patties :)

Very appetizing look patties. On Saturday I will make them and will tell you how they are received. I'm sure it will be very well, immediately put them to Favorites.

A little while ago they roasted and ate her even longer one - very tasty. Well that children and my husband already asleep, otherwise tomorrow morning we will be without breakfast. :-)

I am glad that you liked patties :) I hope the rest of the family is to this post :)

became very good patties :) thanks for the recipe :)

I am very glad that you liked :) Enjoy your meal :)

And I have a 6-assessment. Bravo for the recipe, they are great.

Very nice recipe, and the description is right! And I will prepare it soon :)

I just made them for breakfast - very easy recipe, look great! And upload photos!

They look great! Go Bookmark

And I'd really like the recipe, but the pictures are the ones who convinced me finally - are very appetizing!

The pictures are wonderful! Incidentally my husband likes to eat exactly taka- with fresh tomato :)

We'll try!

Magnificent banitshki were received! Bravo 6 from me :)

I'm glad you liked patties :)

This will be my New Year's pie with fortune! Nice recipe! Last night, try it!

I tried to do in the mixture and added finely chopped sausage - again became great! My family loves them!

Sonia patties you look very appetizing! Glad you liked the recipe :) Frankfurters I had not thought of it to put in the stuffing, but I tried with spinach and leeks, and also cheese (if cheese is a little). Always become successful.

I just ate them for lunch, certainly good :)

And my score-6. Thank for shared recipe! To favorites is!

I am glad that you were satisfied with the result :)

Today is my turn to bring breakfast in the office and now broil patties (only stuffed with spinach and cheese) ... hopefully bake well and become delicious ..

mmishka, hopefully been pleased colleagues :)

doby, thanks for the recipe! Colleagues were surprised and fed delicious :)

very nice recipe, but I put more cheese and fewer eggs to become rich

Every time become great. I do them with a variety of fillings and always receive. This folding the filling is distributed perfectly. Super recipe.

Thank you, really delicious, little loved it.

Pak prisetih for these delicious patties, roast them at the moment, the last time a lot of us usladiha :)

nelae, look very appetizing in the pictures, which climbed :) Glad you liked!

Wonderful recipe became neveryatni, and I photograph them, just not starpyah.

I love triangular patties. Looking at a picture of all become different, can someone tell me how to tuck that I be like 13 and 12 shots. Thanks in advance :)

Very tasty patties were received. Just fold it very much I get and become slightly crooked, but importantly delicious :)

Catherine, Desi, I do not know whether it will help the first few shots I made of folding patties ... A lot depends on the size of the sheet. I fold *my* two sheets of width and receives rectangle. In the middle of the narrow rectangle was on this lap and put the mixture on both sides, so as to hide the stuffing. Again gets a rectangle, but smaller, which then folded into a square and then another vednazh- triangle. I hope I have not confused you more :)

As to fold will become crispy and delicious :) Thanks doby

Excellent recipe! Effective, easy and delicious. Thanks for the recipe.

These are the most delicious patties I've eaten! Super fast becoming a super quickly ate naturally. Thanks much for the recipe! Now and take them pravya..prosto can not help but feel good!

are wonderful last night I made them and ate them, are quickly and easily thanks for the recipe.

Super patties!

Superlatives and me! :)

Thank you for your kind feedback! Glad you were tasty :)

Bravo doby, this morning, and I will rejoice half my delicious breakfast thanks to you, thank you for the recipe became wonderful :)

erogance, I'm glad you liked the recipe :)

Great Patties!

are really great! Quick, easy and delicious :)

made them square, but were wonderful. I do not get the cheese and put a little cheese. Thanks for the recipe!

Thanks for all the good reviews!

Great patties, really :)

mingled with cheese curd. Super easy and delicious.