Saturday breakfast

Submitted by enr on 25 Oct 2008
stale bread or buns
1 skinless sausage or other sausage
3 eggs
100 g feta cheese
200 g yogurt
1 tsp baking soda
Saturday breakfast
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In a buttered pan rank slices of bread, buns if halve, and smeared with margarine. Top ranks chopped skinless sausage. Eggs are broken along with yogurt, crumbled feta cheese and soda, flavored with salt and pour over the bread. Sprinkle with a little savory and bake at 180 C to redness.
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25 Oct 2008


Olee very easy and interesting!

I was wondering what to do for breakfast. Thanks for the idea, and have dry bread.

Great idea Maggie. Well done.

The idea is excellent! Super fast food!

Thank you! And in houses sweep up fast!

Maggie I do this Saturday breakfast, but Wednesday could you look very appetizing :)

: D of course, will still be delicious and Wednesday! I might invent this Saturday and why I put that name!

Fast and delicious! Bravo Maggie best ideas straight jet of you!

Thanks for the easy recipe. Will try them compulsory.

Thank you! You can also add a little something from you! :)

It is very tasty and easy. Bravo! I rule for dinner. Abe is marvelous ... Let pictures.

it reminds me of a gypsy pie.

This breakfast I'm doing without the sausage, but it is certainly better. Good idea for Maggie! Excellent!

Many thanks Milencha, Try it!

this banisa made it for dinner and svyrshi no time bravo

Bravo Maggie super easy and delicious breakfast!

You can put other products - mushrooms, cheese ... just you like to taste!

Required will try!

became super kids loved it. thank you very much. wait another such easy and delicious recipes.

I'm glad you loved it!

Here is a great mmm delicious breakfast magi71 thanks Tosello knows FAVORITE

Maggie save me directly with your recipes.

Rules I have - is supreme! And it is easy and fast ... well still working for women! :)
Thanks! :)

Awesome! Are sure to appeal to my family!

On this maykami called him a fake pizza, whatever was in the fridge put it on the bread. At least I can put mark.

Thank you very much! I made it to the village grandmother and her already cooked several times!

Incredibly delicious, easily and quickly. Thanks Maggie.

Thank you, this morning I did it for breakfast :)

really becomes a very nice breakfast.

this morning I made the recipe, but changed her a bit, instead of yogurt and put fresh grated cheese in a little cheese and eggs, bread leave it super. otherwise very original and fast and tasty. :)

Really Dore is obtained. Tastes like pizza. I had to repeat making the same day. But I put and corn, mushrooms, pickles. Thanks Maggie!

Many thanks for the nice words, but also with the products you have added it successfully! When he prepared for the first time I used what I had in the fridge.

this is super эanuska only bread I tore it bites into the baking pan of 2reda between them put the mixture and top syshto эalivam

Yani, so two floors also seems to me interesting, thank you :)

Saturday ate his fingers. Perfect recipe!

Thank you Plamen, I'm glad that you liked the idea of ​​me!

which was performed was very vkuna breakfast.

I am glad that you like Radi, thank you :)

Many successful breakfast! Since you know the boys have prepared two baking pans and as I expected nothing left.

Quick, easy and delicious! Bravo for the recipe!

Bravo recipe is very nice

and cheese if it would work?

No problem and cheese to make, grate it wholesale grater however.

It was great, but I think I was more topping or baking pan I was too small. Accommodated 3 slices of bread. My photos look zapechenki, suhichki. My become quite technichko. : D

VERY tasty! Thanks for the recipe! There was nothing to shoot! :)