Fluffy fried meatballs

Submitted by enr on 20 Dec 2008
1 kg minced meat
2 eggs
1 onion
4 tbsp yogurt
3 tbsp breadcrumbs
1 tsp baking soda
flour for rolling
sunflower oil for frying
Fluffy fried meatballs
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Mix the minced meat, eggs, onions and spices. Separately, mix the yogurt, bread crumbs and baking soda to gently boil and add to the mince mixture. All this is kneaded together to obtain a homogeneous mixture. Formed into balls, rolled in flour and fry in very hot sunflower oil.
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20 Dec 2008


Kremi very tasty meal but instead try to roll them in universal spice with cornflakes. Are crispy outside and tasty.

sure will try.

loved us. fluffy and juicy.

are really delicious today were done. BRAVO

sure will try.

I made meatballs. Become fluffy and wonderful. The recipe has to Favorites!

made them, they are great - fluffy, juicy and delicious!

KREMI made them become juicy and delicious, all they liked. thank you.

Hello, I made the recipe, but as it roll filled with ham and mozzarella. Now wait for the result, but how wonderful smells in kuhnyataaa. Then you will get a picture. Thanks for the idea of ​​djuliq. Bravo!

I have prepared them, became fluffy and juicy just great.

became very delicious. One of them bake pan and the other izparzhih. Both variants were great. Thanks for the recipe.

I am very glad that you liked the recipe, will try them and I fill

recipe is excellent! These are the most delicious fluffy meatballs, which I did, and my family is snacking! Easy, fast and delicious!

recipe is great we are generally not Eat fried sas but this recipe licked his pig ...

The best burgers I've eaten! Only these will cook more! Thanks so much for the recipe!

while I was a student landlady made them in this recipe and 1p. mince was pulling 11 meatballs. Are really great. Few are as buhtichki but mestse feel

We'll make these meatballs on weekends, but ... Here in Argentina, the kingdom of beef do not become as you remember them in Bulgaria ...! Only cows and mixed and only pork ... spices ... Otherwise the meat is superb, but ...!

Thanks for the recipe. They are very nice :)

Last night I made meatballs for dinner - were delicious!

I am very pleased were great :)

Thank you for the great recipe! Became great meatballs soft and juicy, but not greasy :) men home were fascinated. Definitely go to Favorites and will repeat!

became very successful meatballs. Bravo!

made them oba4e put baking soda instead. and became uniquely delicious :)

made them, they are great - juicy and delicious!

are Super! Personally, I avoid flour. :)

Not just fluffy, but in kusni..mmm

Yes, definitely very tasty. Today we tried them with my wife and she liked them.

Yes, definitely very tasty. although I have only my man -yadat! I do them twice a week-horror! not saying how

If all this we add the chopped pepper / I personally prefer to be green / becomes very pleasant taste

Incredibly delicious! Everyone ate. Great yummy.

are wonderful! Upload a photo! :)

Wonderful and delicious :)

Last night I made them, but I had no bread crumbs and put the same amount of oat bran. Were wonderful, aromatic and delicious meatballs!

Amazing meatballs were received. Very tasty :)

Great meatballs were received! Thank you :)

meatballs do them again they are great! but now roll them in flour also became very very tasty and in the future no longer be roll and soaked everything with flour after becoming without it: D

Am-am, that's all I can say amazing and very tasty. Will surely repeat will repeat myself and so on.. Good recipe reminds me of meatballs Mom as she made them. :)

I just tried it and I just heard my friend said .. *Very nice meatballs* hohoho .. I added instead of bread crumbs, oatmeal and gently roll them in sesame seeds and baked them (because neither eat fried-it for gastritis, and I figure due course hehehehe) is a great recipe that is not tried them should do it :) Thanks

recipe is excellent !!

Yesterday I made meatballs and were very nice, delicious recipe goes to Favorites thanks for the recipe.

minced meat mingled with everything, as described in the recipe. Because home Avoid fried, put kyuftachetata in pan with a little oil on the bottom and threw them in the oven. I hope that we will get back :) If anything I bungled will fry them the next time. Look extremely well and I am sure they are very tasty. I was wrong meatballs using a similar recipe. :)
Will write further whether they received.
Good luck girls!

I do them with baking paper without any fat and I get super.

became very delicious! Definitely will do them more often :)

Delicious and healthy for you to bake.

were received very tasty :)

just them izparzhih very tasty:) I put half a yoghurt and about 10 tablespoons breadcrumbs, whole packet of small, I do not know how many grams are. For garnish baked potato fan with chesanche. I'm going to eat;)

great meatballs were received only defined in this recipe will make them

Splendid meatballs. Do not put a savory and a little garlic powder and I was left a little fresh chopped ginger from an Indian dish (about 1 teaspoon), and became very fragrant and delicious. Thanks for the recipe.

Chudnichko get capricious :) Even my husband liked them a lot. Meatballs go in favorites :)